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Student of Concern Guide

Student of Concern

Student of Concern Process

We understand that students can face a variety of challenges during their college career. The Office of Student Life strives to support students as challenges arise. The Student of Concern reporting form allows student, faculty, staff, families, and community members get students connected to help and support.

What happens once a report is submitted?

The Office of Student Life will reach out to the student multiple ways in multiple formats.

  1. An electronic letter
    • In this letter we invite the student in to talk with a professional staff member who can provide support and connect the student to additional helping resources. Included in the letter is a list of resources with active links for the student to explore, such as the Academic Achievement Center for Academic Coaching, Counseling Services, etc. This list will be tailored to include appropriate to the known concern. A text is also sent with this letter encouraging the student to open and read the message.
  2. An email
    • If we haven’t heard from the student after they receive their letter, we will follow up with an email to check in and request an update on how the student is doing. We let them know the Office of Student Life is available provide support and discuss resources moving forward.
  3. A phone call
    • If the Office of Student Life has been unable to connect with the student, they will follow up with a phone call to the student, leaving a voicemail, if available. The phone call is an effort to connect with the student, check on their wellbeing, and make a smoother transition to support in our office.

These three outreaches are all done on separate days. The elevation and type of concern provided will influence the order and type of outreach the student receives. If there is a health and safety concern the student will receive a phone call right away and we will assess for additional steps. For emergencies please contact the K-State Police Department at 785-532-6412 or dial 911.

The Office of Student Life will reach out to other campus resources as well, if needed and appropriate. These might include their academic college student services office, their academic advisor, or Housing & Dining Services, based on the information and concern we have for the student.

The Office of Student Life will actively reach out to every single student reported. While we are not always able to make contact immediately, all students receive information on helping resources, and know our office will be ready to help when they feel ready.

If you connect with the student or have any additional information or updates, please do not hesitate to keep our office informed. You can email us at stulife@ksu.edu or complete an SOC update intake form.

If you have additional questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office, we are happy to help.  


In life-threatening situations, call 911. You may also call the K-State Police Department at 785-532-6412.

Unsure who to call? Need to consult? Call the Office of Student life at 785-532-6432


Student of Concern Reporting Form

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