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Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life
Kansas State University
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Student Conduct

Student Judicial Program: Non-Academic Misconduct

The Office of Student Life administers and advises the student judicial program to help guide students toward personal responsibility and behavior consistent with the K-State student code of conduct as a way of enhancing the quality of the university community.

The K-State student handbook outlines the rights of students and many of the standards of conduct expected of students in the K-State community.

The K-State Student Governing Association constitution and bylaws contain the rights and responsibilities of students. The judicial system and the dean of student life have jurisdiction over the student judicial program, which is responsible for resolving alleged student violations in an effort to support and preserve the educational environment. An emphasis is placed on the learning and personal development of students involved in the judicial process.

The philosophy of Student Judicial Affairs at Kansas State University places students in a direct and primary role in the establishment and enforcement of campus and living group policies and regulations. The philosophy of conduct is founded upon an educational framework. The focus is to foster the growth and development of individual students through the encouragement of self discipline, accountability and responsibility to the community. A respect for the rights and privileges of others is the core of this philosophy. Responsibility for proper conduct is put upon the student – not the institution – with the assumption that most students do not try to intentionally cause violations, and will respect the rights and property of others. --From the K-State Judicial Board Philosophy.

The Office of Student Life works with the SGA student attorney general and the coordinator of the Office of Student Activities to oversee the administration of the student code of conduct and the campus judicial system, including the housing and dining services judicial system.


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