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Frequently Asked Questions - Student Judicial Program

Who can file a complaint against a student?

Any member of the university community may file a written complaint against a student within 20 class days of the incident or knowledge of an infraction.

For on-campus violations, a judicial complaint form must be submitted in writing to the attorney general in the Office of Student Activities and Services, 809 Union, within 20 class days of the incident or knowledge of the incident.

For violation of housing and dining policies or alleged violations of the student code of conduct that occur in the residence halls or surrounding property, a written complaint is filed with the residence life coordinator.

Does the student judicial program adjudicate off-campus misconduct?

Generally, university jurisdiction to adjudicate complaints and to impose sanctions under this code shall be limited to misconduct that occurs on university premises or behavior that intentionally or recklessly interferes with the operation of the university or with university-sponsored activities, including, but not limited to, studying, teaching, research, university administration, fire, police, or emergency services.

Does the student judicial program adjudicate allegations of harassment or sexual violence?

No. Allegations of misconduct believed to constitute discrimination, including harassment, as described and defined in the Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment should be referred to the Affirmative Action Office or the Office of Student Life.

Allegations of sexual violence or assault covered under the Policy Prohibiting Sexual Violence should be referred to the Office of Student Life.

What if I am accused of academic dishonesty?

K-State has an honor system that addresses academic dishonesty

What happens when an alleged violation happens in a K-State residence hall?

The judicial board of the residence hall where the violation originated will adjudicate the complaint.

If a violation involves an alleged crime, can a student be prosecuted criminally as well as referred to the student judicial program?