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Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life
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K-State Families and Parents

The Office of Student Life strives to ensure a positive relationship with our students’ family members. We understand that families today are more involved in the lives of their students. We want to provide support and resources that respect students’ rights while assisting family members of a K-State student.

Although we are limited by the type of information we can provide without your student’s consent, we are always willing to offer assistance and welcome your help as your student finds the answers to his or her questions.

Keep informed and involved

Families have always been involved at K-State. The K-State Parents and Family Association is a way to formalize the connection between K-State and the families of our students. The association allows families to feel engaged with their students’ college experience by participating in campus programs and activities specifically geared toward families.

Family members can build or maintain a connection to the university by participating in student recruitment activities throughout Kansas and in other states, as well as raising funds to support scholarships and enhancements to student life at K-State. 

When your student needs help

As we all know, it is important for young adults to make their own decisions in order to develop as members of society. With that in mind, the most important thing family members can do is to help students find their own answers. As student life professionals, we appreciate contact from family members that alerts us to potential problems in the student’s life, but nothing substitutes for that face-to-face interaction between a student and the OSL staff. Parents can be integral in the process of encouraging students to seek help.

The people who can help your student

Each student has an academic advisor (undergraduate) or a major professor (graduate) who can assist him or her with class scheduling, major/curriculum changes, and other class-related concerns.

Many students find that it is helpful to develop a relationship with the advisor of a campus organization. In addition, your student will be working with talented faculty members who can serve as mentors both in and out of the classroom.

Sometimes a student doesn’t know where to look for help. In that case, the Office of Student Life can be a good contact. We can help students solve problems, identify resources on campus, and coach them through the process of learning how to advocate for themselves.

Please also our list of resources available to your students under the Student Concern Guide.

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