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Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life
Kansas State University
201 Holton Hall
1101 Mid Campus Dr North
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-5307 fax

Responding to Emergency or Crisis Situations Involving Students

The Office of Student Life coordinates the university response in situations involving death, critical incidents, serious injury, family emergencies, or sudden illness of students. In serious student situations, the Office of Student Life may convene the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) to assess the situation and to coordinate an appropriate intervention.

The Office of Student Life phone number, 785-532-6432, is also answered after hours and can provide help and information to students, faculty, staff, parents, and the public. This number can also connect you to the Office of Student Life contact person who will respond in the case of a serious emergency or situation where a student’s family members would need to be contacted. As soon as you learn of an emergency situation (day or night), please call the K-State Police at 785-532-6412. In addition, you may call 785-532-6432 so that one of the following people can be contacted as soon as possible by the Office of Student Life after-hours answering service. They can put you in touch with the designated Dean-on-Call.

Contact         Office LocationOffice Phone
Heather Reed201 Holton Hall785-532-6432
Andy Thompson201 Holton Hall785-532-6432
Laurel Moody201 Holton Hall785-532-6432
Justin Frederick201 Holton Hall785-532-6432
Deanne Woodard201 Holton Hall785-532-6432
Pat Bosco122 Anderson Hall785-532-6237


The Office of Student Life has prepared the following call list to help you make accurate referrals and obtain swift assistance for students in a variety of situations.


All serious accidents, deaths, campus crises involving students

Heather Reed, Andy Thompson, Laurel Moody, Justin Frederick, or Deanne Woodard

Office of Student Life

201 Holton Hall


Psychological/psychiatric emergencies (alcohol or drug overdose, suicide attempts, depression, suspected suicide, etc.)

Laurie Wesley

Counseling Services

232 English/Counseling Building


Sexual assault, rape, sexual violence

Clara Kientz

Center for Advocacy, Response & Education (CARE)

206 Holton Hall


International students

Sara Thurston

International Student & Scholar Services

International Student Center


Fraternities or sororities

Ben Hopper

Fraternity and Sorority Life
4 K-State Student Union

Medical concerns

Jim Parker

Lafene Health Center

1105 Sunset


Sexual or racial harassment

Heather Reed or Office of Institutional Equity

Office of Student Life
Office of Institutional Equity

102 Holton Hall
103 Edwards Hall


Judicial procedures for non-academic misconduct

Andy Thompson

Office of Student Life

201 Holton Hall


Academic difficulties

Stephanie Bannister

Academic Assistance

101 Holton Hall


Students with disabilities

Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson

Student Access Center

202 Holton Hall


Multicultural student concerns

Zelia Wiley

Diversity and Dual Career Development

224 Anderson


Residence hall concerns

Nick Lander

Housing and Dining

Pittman Building


Non-traditional student or military veteran concerns

Non-Traditional Student Services

Non-Traditional Student Services

201 Holton Hall


Jardine Apartments student concerns

Tonya Wessel

Jardine Office

2002 Tunstall Circle


Gender identity or sexual orientation

Brandon Haddock

LGBT Resource Center

207B Holton Hall


In case of immediate on-campus emergencies - fire, accident, etc. - Call the University Police at 785-532-6412 or 911.