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Crisis Management Protocols

The K-State Crisis Management Committee has developed protocols for staff and faculty to consult when managing a student crisis. A helpful and skilled response to crisis is a hallmark of our culture of care at K-State.

These protocols offer guidelines and resources for staff and faculty, who are often the first ones aware of a student crisis. In most of the protocols, the first step is to contact the K-State campus police or the Office of Student Life, which may initiate a CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team).

Most student crises fall into one of three categories:

1. Psychological crisis
2. Medical crisis
3. Student safety crisis

The purpose of the Crisis Management Committee is to continuously update crisis management plans and crisis protocols, to communicate with various campus entities who deal with crisis and safety issues, and to network with city and county agencies that deal with student crisis and emergencies. The Crisis Management Committee meets six times a year.