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Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life
Kansas State University
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Absence Verification

Serious student situations

Campus procedures

Threatening or disruptive student situations

The K-State Police Department (785-532-6412) responds to all threatening campus situations. When students are involved, the Critical Incident Response Team, or CIRT, promptly convenes, gathers information, plans and coordinates the response. CIRT is led by the Office of Student Life in collaboration with academic deans’ offices, K-State Police Department, the Office of General Counsel, Counseling Services and other offices that may know the student and be able to enhance the response. Learn more about CIRT.

Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence and Stalking

The Center for Advocacy, Response and Education (CARE Office), formerly known as the K-State Women's Center, (206 Holton Hall, 785-532-6444) receives reports of incidents involving sexual violence, dating violence and stalking. The CARE Office can also offer support and advocacy to victims in a confidential setting.

Counseling Services (232 English/Counseling Services Building, 785-532-6927) and The Crisis Center Inc. (785-539-2785), offer confidential support to students who are victims of sexual violence. The Crisis Center Inc. also serves Clay, Geary, Marshall, Pottawatomie and Riley counties.

The Office of Institutional Equity (103 Edwards Hall, 785-532-6220) investigates reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual violence and stalking. More information can be found at k-state.edu/affact/resolution.

Unwanted contact or stalking

Unwanted contact may occur in person, by phone, text, social media or other Web-based formats and may be illegal and/or a violation of the K-State Student Code of Conduct. Unwanted contact should be reported to the K-State Police Department (785-532-6412) or the Office of Student Life (785-532-6432).

Missing students

When a student has been missing class and repeated attempts to contact him/her are not successful, contact the Office of Student Life (through the student of concern website or by calling 785-532-6432). The Office of Student Life may take additional steps to contact the student or his/her emergency contact.