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Office of Student Life

Faculty/Staff Student of Concern Guide

A Quick Guide to Helping Students

Type of concernIssuesWho to contact
  • Student appears to pose imminent danger to self or others
  • Displays aggressive, emotional behavior requiring assistance
  • Medical emergency
  • Unlawful or threatening behavior

Immediately call 911 or the K-State Police Department at 785-532-6412, 108 Edwards Hall

After the immediate police response, contact the Office of Student Life at 785-532-6432 (answered 24/7), 201 Holton Hall

Interpersonal violenceReports of:
  • Sexual violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Domestic/dating violence
  • Stalking

Criminal response and investigation
K-State Police Department:
785-532-6412, 108 Edwards Hall

Title IX reporting and investigation
Office of Institutional Equity
785-532-6220, 102 Edwards Hall

Support, advocacy and reporting
Center for Advocacy, Response and Education (CARE Office):
785-532-6444 (answered 24/7), 206 Holton Hall

Campus and academic advocacy
Office of Student Life:
785-532-6432 (answered 24/7), 201 Holton Hall

Medical and mental health
  • Medical assistance 
  • Support for mental health and emotional behavior that prevents a student from conducting day-to-day activities

Lafene Health Center: 
785-532-6544, 1105 Sunset Ave. 

Counseling Services: 
785-532-6927 (answered 24/7), 232 English/Counseling Services Building 

  • Support and accommodations for students with documented disabilities 
  • Concerns about academic performance of a student who may have a disability 

Student Access Center: 
785-532-6441, 202 Holton Hall

Disturbing behavior or other concerns
  • Personal concerns that affect academic performance 
  • Violations of the Student Code of Conduct 
  • Family crisis or concerns 

Office of Student Life: 
785-532-6432 (answered 24/7),
201 Holton Hall

Academic dishonesty
  • Violations of the Honor and Integrity Policy, including:
  • Cheating
  • Copying
  • Plagiarism
Honor and Integrity System:
785-532-2595, 215 Fairchild Hall