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Campus emergency information


Emergency information 
  • Police/fire/medical emergency: Call 911. 
  • Non-emergency: Call the K-State Police Department at 785-532-6412. 
  • Poison emergency: Call the American Association of Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.
Medical emergencies: Call 911. 
  • Do not attempt to move a person who has fallen or appears to be in pain. 
  • Provide first aid to someone who is ill or injured and requires immediate assistance. 
  • Limit your communication with an ill or injured person to quiet reassurances.
Fire: Call 911.
Pull the fire alarm and follow evacuation procedures. 
  • If you hear a fire alarm, follow evacuation procedures. Leave the building. 
  • Do not use elevators. 
  • Assist individuals with disabilities to a safe location and notify emergency personnel. Most buildings have an identified area of rescue near the top landing of staircases. 
  • Once outside, keep clear of entrances, move at least 100 feet away from the building, and stay clear of emergency vehicles. A campus authority will notify you when it is safe to return.
Tornado and severe weather 
  • Go to the building’s designated tornado shelter. In most cases this is the lowest floor in the central core of the building and away from glass windows. 
  • Outdoor sirens will sound, and K-State Alerts will notify you when it is necessary to take cover. If you are outside when the sirens go off, seek shelter immediately. Go into the closest building and seek out the lowest floor in the center of the building. 
  • After the tornado has passed, report any injuries. Call 911 for ambulance and fire; call the K-State Police Department at 785-532-6412 to report building damage.
Other possible threats: Call 911. 
  • Remain calm. 
  • Give the dispatcher as much information as possible.