CIRT: Critical Incident Response Team

The Kansas State University Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) assesses and coordinates the response to significant campus situations and events on the Manhattan campus.  The CIRT assists the community and its members to return to a more normal state of functioning and suggests future preventative measures.

These events may include:

  • student death or significant trauma
  • serious student situations involving medical or psychological concerns
  • campus threats or emergencies that directly affect the well-being of students and the campus community

Issues of inappropriate student conduct are referred to the Office of Student Life and the Student Judicial Program.

CIRT reports to the Dean of Student Life.

Method of Operation

Critical incident management:

1. The Dean of Students, Office of Student Life (OSL), or Kansas State University Police Department (KSUPD) receives a report of a crisis involving a K-State student.

Faculty and staff may also use the OSL Student of Concern reporting system to notify the OSL of any non-immediate concerns about students.

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2. The CIRT chair is notified by the Dean of Students or by KSUPD. The CIRT chair gathers necessary information on the incident, assesses the situation, and contacts CIRT members. 

3. The CIRT members evaluate the incident, gather additional information, plan a response, assure that appropriate services are provided, and contact the appropriate offices, personnel, and others according to the protocols.

The CIRT works in conjunction with Media Relations and the Dean of Students to coordinate any media contact regarding the crisis.

4. If the situation warrants, additional support for the family may be provided and a university liaison designated.

5. Post-event procedures.  The CIRT members meet to debrief and plan any appropriate follow-up, and to assess the procedures followed.

CIRT members meet regularly to discuss student referrals and situations, to share information, to engage in training, and to debrief events and situations.

CIRT Members

CIRT is chaired by the Director of Student Life.  Other core CIRT members include representatives from the student's College Dean’s Office, Counseling Services, K-State campus police, and the University Attorney.  A larger group of response personnel from departments and units across campus collaborate with CIRT, as requested.


CIRT members, as administrative agents in an educational institution, adhere to the laws and standards governing the disclosure of information to third parties both within and external to the University.  Such information is disclosed only on an administrative need-to-know basis and only according to the relevant statutes that govern such disclosure.