Division of Academic Success and Student Affairs (DASSA) - Extraordinary Student Award

Do you know a student who has been successful in their academic pursuits while overcoming significant obstacles? If so, nominate them for a DASSA Extraordinary Student Award!

Nominees must be juniors, seniors, or graduate students.

Awardees will receive a $500 scholarship and plaque, and also recognized at the awards banquet.

To nominate a student, fill out the form linked below with the following information:

  • Student’s name, major, academic level, and other pertinent demographic information.
  • Student’s situation/condition/etc. which constitutes a major obstacle in the pursuit of university education
  • Description of student’s extraordinary efforts in overcoming the obstacle(s) & succeeding in their educational journey
  • Specifics about the way(s) in which they have been successful
  • Nominator’s contact information

Extraordinary Student Award Banquet

Thursday, April 18th, 2024 (by invitiation)

Deadline to Submit:

Monday, February 26th by 8:00am

Submit nominations at:


For more info, contact:

Dr. Lindsay Kubina at 785-532-6441 or kubina@ksu.edu

Extraordinary Student Award