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Project LEAPES is a collaborative project made possible by a three-year U.S. Department of Defense grant for nearly $2.7 million to help mentor and promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degrees and careers to 7th - 12th-grade students throughout the state.

A graphic displaying the acronym breakdown of Project LEAPESIn partnership with the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets at the University of Kansas, the Rural Education Center plans to encourage middle and high school students in Kansas to consider careers in STEM through Project LEAPES, which stands for Learning, Exploration and Application for Prospective Engineering Students.

Rural Education Center receives Department of Defense grant for nearly $2.7 to boost interest in STEM degrees

The primary goal of Project LEAPES is to engage students in awareness, exploration and preparation activities related to careers in aerospace engineering, artificial intelligence and computer science, all of which are critically important areas to national security.

Our programming will be available to schools around the state, and will be implemented in 3 phases. The first phase focuses on STEM Awareness, and will provide students in grades 6-8 with learning opportunities in our Summer STEAM Camp. Next, we will create STEM Career Exploration experiences for students in lower high school. Partnering with industry partners, the REC will provide schools with lesson plans, immersive experiences, and videos for students to explore specific STEM careers. Finally, students in grades 11-12 are invited to participate in STEM Preparation by taking short courses in our 3 subject areas at the University of Kansas over the summer.

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