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Student success

Find success and an outlet for your passion.

The department of social transformation studies recognizes the importance of making safe and welcoming spaces available to K-State students. We offer our department office and conference room as a space for students to find friends, community, and affirmation.

We offer free drinks and snacks: tea, hot chocolate, coffee, water, chips, nuts, and the occasional homemade baked good. Multiple of our faculty are skilled bakers! We love connecting with our students and enjoy getting to share time in the office getting a drink, hanging out, talking, or giving folks space to study or just relax between classes.

On the same floor as our coffee and tea bar is a single stall universal restroom, so trans and non-binary students have a safe place to go to the bathroom.

Checklist for success in social tranformation studies in 3 to 5 steps

  • Meet your advisor and let them in on your academic and professional goals
  • Peruse the department and program-specific scholarships to lighten your cost
  • Get involved with a student organization or a national association/club
  • Determine if you'd like to travel abroad for a piece of your education and connect with resources


Our students are going places with a little help from our scholarships.