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Phi Mu Alpha

What We Do

Work for Sinfonia and Sinfonia will work for you!

Brotherhood is a key aspect of Phi Mu Alpha, but we would not be Sinfonians if we did not advance music in America.

Mills Music Mission(MMM) is Sinfonia’s official philanthropy, and is a revival of our Founder’s charitable spirit and work. In the late 1800's Ossian E. Mills began a "Song and Flower Mission" to hospital patients in Boston. His work utilized the healing power of music long before there were professionally trained therapists, and was one of the largest and most well-respected charities in Boston at the time. Today, Sinfonians perform for countless nursing homes and hospital patients nationwide. As brothers exemplify the spirit of self-sacrifice, they more personally experience music’s power to elevate the human spirit, and grow better as men from helping others.