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Peter Moyer

Attorney General

114 K-State Student Union

The Attorney General serves as a designee of the Dean

of Student Life in receiving and disposing of complaints

according to the judicial code.  They are responsible for

supervising the administration of the judicial program,

training judicial branch members in their duties,

advising students on matters of judicial policy, recommending

changes in jurisdiction, procedures, judicial board

organization, and other judicial matters, and and advising

students and judicial boards as to their rights and

responsibilities in disputes and identify

resources if such guidance is requested.

 Emily Detiveaux

Emily Detiveaux

Deputy Attorney General

114 K-State Student Union

The Deputy Attorney General  is responsible for aiding the

Attorney General in training members of the Judicial Branch

and preparing and distributing materials explaining the

judicial program to members of the University community,

preparing an annual report for the KSU SGA regarding

the state of the Judicial Branch, overseeing and

coordinating special projects and programs as assigned

by the Attorney General, and assuming the duties

of the Attorney General upon the temporary or

permanent absence of the Attorney General.


Student Review Board

Chair of the Student Review Board:
Katelyn Struckle
Members of the Student Review Board:
Ashton Hess, housing representative
Chiaki Kamiyama, off-campus representative
Cynthia Karanja, at large representative
Nick Nordstrom, at large representative
Grace Wheeler, greek representative

Student Tribunal

Chancellor of Student Tribunal:
Elizabeth Weesner
Members of the Student Tribunal:
Maddie Ames, at large representative
Adam Bendrick, housing representative
Alex Hornung, at large representative
Hannah Markel, off-campus representative
Parker Montgomery, greek representative
Frederick Schuler, housing representative