Frequently Asked Questions about KSN

General Questions

What is KSN?

The K-State Scholarship Network (KSN) is an online application portal that gathers information from specific questions and from your student record that will be used to determine if you match qualifications for specific scholarship opportunities.

What is the difference between the scholarships in KSN and general university scholarships/awards?

The scholarships available through KSN are provided by donors to K-State. K-State has more than 3,000 scholarship funds that have been created by donors to help students pay for the cost of college. These scholarship funds have specific eligibility criteria such as your major, hometown and activities. These awards are available to both future and continuing students and are generally awarded by colleges and specific campus academic units. General university scholarships and awards are merit-based awards that are given when you enter K-State.

Do I need to complete the KSN application to be considered for general university scholarships/awards?

No. Your application for admission will trigger an automatic review of your eligibility for general university scholarships and awards.

If I apply through KSN, am I guaranteed a scholarship?

No. KSN just matches you to specific scholarship opportunities for which you may be eligible.

What is necessary for me to be able to apply for scholarships available through KSN?

The scholarship opportunities in KSN are available to students who have been admitted to or are currently enrolled at K-State. You must have a K-State eID, eID password, and valid K-State email to apply for these scholarship opportunities. If you have not yet applied, find your application pathway.

Deadline for Application

What is the deadline for applying for the scholarship opportunities available through KSN?

  • Feb. 1: Incoming freshmen
  • March 15: Incoming transfer students, international students and all returning students

All scholarship awards made from KSN will go into effect the fall semester following the priority deadline.

Who Should Apply

I am an incoming freshman or transfer student. Do I need to complete the KSN scholarship application?

To be guaranteed consideration for the scholarships available in KSN, you need to complete your application by the appropriate priority date (Feb. 1 for incoming freshmen, March 15 for incoming transfer and international students).

I did not receive a general university scholarship or award. Should I bother applying for scholarships in KSN?

Yes! The scholarships available in KSN are awarded based on many different criteria, and you may match those criteria even if you did not receive a general university scholarship or award.

I am a returning student. Do I need to complete the KSN scholarship application every year?

Yes. The KSN system does not save your answers year to year. This is intentional. We want you to update your answers as your accomplishments and life situation changes. You may be eligible for different scholarships as you progress through your academic career and become involved in new activities. Please make sure to update your application by March 15.

I am a student who is transferring to K-State and will enter in the spring semester. What should I do?

If you have entered or are entering in the spring semester, your application deadline is March 15, and you will be considered for scholarships for the following fall semester. At this time, all scholarship awards from KSN are made for the fall semester.

Questions About the KSN Application

I understand that the scholarships in KSN have specific eligibility criteria, such as my major and hometown, but I didn't answer any questions about my major and hometown. Where does that information come from?

KSN is securely integrated with K-State's student records system, which allows KSN to retrieve necessary data to help with the matching of students to specific scholarships. KSN only asks questions that are not readily available from your student record.

Can I check the information that KSN uses from my student record?

Yes. You can view the information that KSN is retrieving from your student record by clicking on the "Applicant Record" button at the bottom left of the KSN application.

I left the general application, how do I get back?

Typically, you can use your browser's back button to get back to the general application. You can also click on the "My Applications" tab and then click on "General Application".

I have already submitted my application, but I would like to make some changes. Can I do that?

Yes. To update your application, sign in to KSN. You will be taken to the "My Applications" tab. Click on the application that you wish to update. Make sure to click the "Update Application" box at the bottom right of the application. Please make sure to update your application by the priority date that applies to you.

I clicked on "All" under "Opportunities". Should I apply to all of those to increase my chances of getting a scholarship?

No. The system shows all of or scholarship opportunities that require additional application information. Scholarships requiring additional information that you qualify for appear under the "Recommended" heading. These are the scholarships that match your information in KSN, and you will only be considered for the additional opportunities under the "Recommended" heading if you choose to apply for those scholarships.

I received an email that said I successfully submitted an application, but I did not click the "Finish and Submit" button, just the "Save and Keep Editing" button. What happened?

The KSN system will assume that you are finished with the application if you complete all required questions and click either "Save and Keep Editing" or "Finish and Submit". If you answered the required certification questions at the bottom of the application and clicked "Save and Keep Editing" prior to clicking "Finish and Submit", the system will send you an email indicating that you have successfully completed the application. If you do wish to make changes, sign back in to KSN. You will be taken to the "My Applications" tab. At that point, you can click on the "General Application" box and make changes. Make sure to click the "Update Application" box at the bottom right of the application.

How will I know that I have successfully submitted my application through KSN?

You will receive an email to your K-State email address providing confirmation of your successful submission.

I filled out my application in KSN, now what?

The scholarship administrators from each college and academic unit across the university will begin to review scholarship applications after each priority date. You will be notified later in the spring if you received a scholarship available through KSN. This notification will be sent to your K-State email and will typically come from the college in which you intend to enroll or you are currently enrolled.

Where to Find Help

I have other questions that have not been covered here or in the detailed instructions. Where can I go for help?

If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 785-532-6420 or email, referencing "KSN" in the subject line of your email.