Federal Direct Loan exit counseling

Financing a higher educational experience is an investment in your future. If students decide to utilize Federal Direct Loans in meeting their higher educational costs, a clear understanding of rights and responsibilities, as a student loan borrower, is critical to managing personal finances.

Consequently, all Federal Direct Loan borrowers must complete an online exit counseling session when their enrollment drops below half-time status, discontinue their enrollment at Kansas State University, transfer to another university, or graduate from K-State.

  • Students must indicate that they attended Kansas State University when prompted within the online exit counseling session.

  • To complete the online exit counseling session, students will need their FSA ID and password.

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) notifies Kansas State University of each student's successful completion of the online exit counseling session. Failure to complete this requirement may result in Kansas State University placing a hold on the student's account.