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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Office of Student Financial Assistance
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Submitting Private Scholarships

Once you've been awarded a private outside scholarship

If you receive a scholarship from a source other than Kansas State University, please notify us as soon as possible. Privately funded scholarships received must be processed through the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Report your award using our Private Scholarships Form (pdf)
Will a non-K-State, private scholarship affect my financial aid?

Please notify the OSFA as soon as you learn that you will receive any private scholarships or funding. Private funding may affect your eligibility for financial aid, especially your eligibility for federal loans.

How are non-K-State, private scholarships processed?

Donors should mail scholarship checks to the address below, making sure to include the student's name and Wildcat ID on the check or an accompanying letter. (If Wildcat ID is not known, please include the last four digits of the SSN and/or the student's hometown.) It is preferable that checks be made out to: "Kansas State University"

Students who receive scholarship checks directly from the donor should mail them to the address below or submit in person to the Office of Student Financial Assistance (Room 104 - Fairchild Hall). Make sure to endorse the check if it is made out to the student.

The university will then apply the scholarship against your university account where it will reduce your university charges and/or result in an excess financial aid credit that will be forwarded to you.