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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Office of Student Financial Assistance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship Renewal Policy Questions

When does the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) review whether I will be eligible to have my central scholarship renewed?

The OSFA will begin the process of reviewing student eligibility for scholarship renewals once grades have been successfully posted at the end of the spring term. No review is performed between the fall and spring term.

How is my renewal GPA calculated for my centrally awarded scholarship?

The OSFA will reference only grades earned at K-State in calculating your cumulative GPA. Additionally, the resulting GPA will be rounded to the second significant digit. (For example, a 2.995 cumulative GPA will be rounded up to a 3.00 cumulative. GPA, whereas a 2.994 cumulative GPA will be rounded down to a 2.99 cumulative GPA)

Does my centrally awarded scholarship have a credit hour completion requirement in addition to a cumulative GPA requirement for renewal?

It depends.

  1. Most central scholarships awarded to new, incoming students for academic year 2018-19 and earlier do NOT have a credit hour completion requirement as part of their renewal criteria.
  2. In contrast, most central scholarship awards made to new, incoming students for academic year 2019-20 and later DO have an additional renewal measurement of K-State credit hours completed for the semester/year. Be sure to reference your initial scholarship award offer notification for details specific to your award.
I was awarded a central scholarship as an incoming student for 2019-20. How many K-State credit hours must I have completed to meet my credit hour renewal criteria?

In addition to meeting any cumulative, K-State GPA requirement, you will also need to have successfully completed at least 24 K-State credit hours for the academic year. If you were a mid-year admit (starting in the spring term) you will need to have successfully completed at least 12 K-State credit hours.

If I fail to meet my cumulative K-State GPA and/or my completed K-State credit renewal criteria, what will happen to my scholarship?

If you fail to meet your scholarship's renewal criteria, you will lose your central scholarship for one academic year. This period, known as a probationary year, may, depending upon your circumstances, allow you to regain eligibility at a future date. The probationary year will, however, count toward the total number of terms you had been eligible to receive your award.

I've been notified that I will have a probationary year in which I will not have the benefit of my scholarship. How can I regain my scholarship eligibility and what effect will the probationary year have on the total number of terms I may receive my scholarship?

If you are able to meet your scholarship's cumulative, K-State GPA as well as any K-State credit hour completion renewal requirement by the end of the probationary year, it will be automatically reinstated for the following academic year, provided you have remaining total term eligibility.

What will happen to my scholarship if, at the conclusion of the probationary year, I was unable to meet the renewal eligibility criteria?

Failure to meet the renewal criteria at the conclusion of the probationary year will result in the permanent loss of the scholarship.

What can I do if I failed to meet my scholarship’s renewal requirements due to extenuating circumstances encountered during the academic year? 

You may submit an appeal for immediate reinstatement of your scholarship for the next academic year. An appeal committee will review your completed appeal form along with any supporting documentation of the extenuating circumstances you encountered. If the appeal is successful, a timeline will be communicated to you in which you will be required to meet the scholarship’s renewal criteria. The decision by the appeal committee is final. 

What are examples of extenuating circumstances that might allow me to file an appeal for an immediate reinstatement of my central scholarship?

Unusual circumstances that are likely to have negatively impacted your academic achievements may include, but are not limited to, health/medical emergencies encountered by you and/or a family member, bereavement of a family member of close friend, homelessness, detrimental interpersonal/family relationship circumstances, etc.. Note: Academic rigor of a selected academic program of study and/or academic rigor of a course or course load does not qualify for an unusual circumstance.

General Scholarship Policy Questions

I am graduating in less than four years.  Can I have the remainder of my scholarship?

No. Once you receive your bachelor’s degree, you are no longer eligible for the scholarship.

I am in a program that requires more than four years. Do I only get my scholarship for eight semesters?

If you are enrolled in a five-year program in the College of Architecture, Planning & Design, you may retain your scholarship for five years (ten semesters) total pending meeting the cumulative K-State GPA requirement associated with your award.

I have been accepted to the early admission for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Will I continue to receive my scholarship once I begin the Vet Med program?

No. Once you are enrolled with the College of Veterinary Medicine, you are no longer eligible for the scholarship.  

Can I get my renewal scholarship during the summer term?

No, all scholarships are awarded during the fall and spring terms.

I will be studying abroad. Can I still receive my scholarship?

As long as your Education Abroad program is through K-State and you are enrolled in 12 or more Education Abroad hours, you will still receive your scholarship.* 

*Exception to this would be for students who are part of the Midwest Student Exchange Program. Study abroad hours are not covered under this program, so the tuition waiver would not be applied for the semester of study abroad.

I would like to take a leave of absence from K-State.  Will the university hold my scholarship until my return?

Students who have circumstances such as military service obligations, internship opportunities, etc. may appeal for a leave of absence.  If the appeal is granted you will receive the scholarship once more when you are full-time enrolled at K-State.  Also, for approved appeals the sum total of semester eligibility will not be impacted.  Generally, appeals for a leave of absence are not approved for multiple semesters absence and/or where the student choses to attend a differing institution of higher education while on leave.