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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Office of Student Financial Assistance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is completing the scholarship application required in order to receive my renewal?

No it is not. Your cumulative K-State GPA is automatically reviewed for renewal of university scholarships. Completing the scholarship application is not a requirement. 

I didn't meet the GPA requirements for my scholarship. Have I lost my scholarship forever?

It is important to note that your scholarship will not be applied to your student account should you not meet the cumulative K-State GPA requirement at the time of review. However, there are two pathways for consideration of scholarship reinstatement outlined on our renewal page

If I get my GPA back up by the end of the fall semester and my scholarship is reinstated for the spring, did I lose a semester of scholarship eligibility overall (counting toward the term total for my award)?

No. Your scholarship is renewable for up to the total number of semesters indicated by your specific award detail. In the case of reinstatement, a semester of ineligibility based on the GPA renewal requirement does not count toward your term total overall. You may still access that semester of eligibility as long as your GPA remains above the renewal threshold. However, awards cannot be retroactively applied toward the lapsed semester.

Can I take a summer course at another institution to bring my GPA back up?

No. The renewal of K-State scholarships is based on your cumulative K-State GPA. Only K-State courses are considered when reviewing for scholarship renewal.

I am graduating in less than four years.  Can I have the remainder of my scholarship?

No. Once you receive your bachelor’s degree, you are no longer eligible for the scholarship.

I am in a program that requires more than four years. Do I only get my scholarship for eight semesters?

If you are enrolled in a five-year program in the College of Architecture, Planning & Design, you may retain your scholarship for five years (ten semesters) total pending meeting the cumulative K-State GPA requirement associated with your award.

My GPA is just below the requirement. Do you round up when considering renewal?

We do not round GPAs when reviewing for renewal.

I will not be full time (12 or more credit hours per semester). Can I still get my scholarship?

K-State scholarships require full-time enrollment. If you will be less than full time, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for further review.

I will be studying abroad. Can I still receive my scholarship?

As long as your Education Abroad program is through K-State and you are enrolled in 12 or more Education Abroad hours, you will still receive your scholarship.* 

*Exception to this would be for students who are part of the Midwest Student Exchange Program. Study abroad hours are not covered under this program, so the tuition waiver would not be applied for the semester of study abroad.

My grade was changed and I now meet my renewal GPA requirement. How do I get my scholarship?

GPAs are only checked one time after grades post. If your GPA changes, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance to let us know you are now eligible for your renewal.

How often are GPAs reviewed for renewal?

We review renewal GPA after spring grades have posted for renewal for the following year.*

*Exception: Midwest Student Exchange Program is reviewed for renewal after each semester.

Can I get my renewal scholarship during the summer term?

The scholarships are awarded during the fall and spring terms. The exception to this is the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP). This waiver can be applied to summer courses.

I have been accepted to the early admission for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Will I continue to receive my scholarship once I begin the Vet Med program?

No. Once you are enrolled with the College of Veterinary Medicine, you are no longer eligible for the scholarship.  

Can I appeal to receive my scholarship even though I didn’t meet the GPA requirement?

If you believe the reason you failed to meet the cumulative K-State GPA renewal threshold was due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control, our office may be able to reinstate your award upon further review. To initiative a review of extenuating circumstances, we ask that you provide us with a completed Scholarship Appeal Form for Extenuating Circumstances along with the required supporting documentation. The form and detailed information on the process can be found on our scholarship renewal page.

Submission of an appeal does not guarantee the appeal will be approved. The decision of the director of student financial assistance is final.