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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Office of Student Financial Assistance
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Kansas State University
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Resources for Students with a Financial Emergency

Occasionally students will encounter unexpected, temporary financial obstacles resulting from an emergency or crisis situation. These situations may obstruct the student's ability to complete course requirements and hinder academic progress.

Students, faculty, or staff are invited to alert us of a financial emergency by completing and submitting our online Emergency Referral Application. It is our goal to provide any and all assistance that is available to us in mitigating unforeseen emergency financial circumstances. Emergency aid may come in the form of loans, scholarships, or grants depending on your specific situation.

Emergency Referral

Below is a list of financial resources available to our student community.

K-State Proud Student Opportunity Award

Students who have demonstrated extreme financial need or may need temporary financial assistance may apply for this award. Special consideration is given to students whose ability to continue and persist at K-State is in jeopardy. Students must have exhausted all other forms of financial assistance. Applications may be submitted throughout the year.

Cats' Cupboard

An on-campus resource committed to prevent food insecurity from being a barrier to student success. Students may receive nutritious food and/or simple kitchen equipment by visiting the food pantry in Manhattan or Cats' Corner in Salina.

Powercat Financial

A peer counseling service where help is given on personal finance topics such as budgeting, saving, how to manage credit, student loan repayment, etc. Students may request an individual counseling appointment to receive information on these important topics.