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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Connect with Us

The Office of Student Financial Assistance is here to assist students and families through the financial aid process.  We have dedicated staff members available during office hours to respond to your questions you may have while a prospective or current student.  Current students should be prepared to provide us with your Wildcat ID.

If you are inquiring on the behalf of a student, they must provide their consent before we can release information protected under FERPA regulations.  Students may authorize the release of their financial aid information through Designated Access

E-Mail is Easiest

In general, all financial aid communications will be e-mailed to your K-State e-mail address. Check your K-State e-mail account regularly for actions we may need you and/or your parent to take. To contact one of our office staff, please e-mail us at finaid@ksu.edu. When e-mailing, please be sure to include your Wildcat ID Number.

Request an Outreach Event

We are happy to provide vital financial aid information to all audiences. To request a presentation, please provide us with event information by e-mailing finaid@ksu.edu.