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Seek is Kansas State University’s flagship research magazine and invites readers to “See” “K”-State’s research, scholarly and creative activities, and discoveries.


Hande Küçük McGinty, assistant professor of computer science, is working to leverage the power of AI among interdisciplinary research teams.

Improving the intelligence behind AI

Making artificial intelligence smarter, safer

Just like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, today’s generative artificial technologies such as Midjourney and ChatGPT can seem magical by making a convincing image or wall of text appear in just seconds.

Helping to make this AI magic happen are faculty and student researchers at Kansas State University. They work to better understand the intricacies of generative AI systems and define both their applications and limitations so they are safe, efficient and accessible.

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A university for the universe

K-State researchers are leading us to and through the stars.


K-State nano-entomologist Amie Norton, left, places a stub containing a red flour beetle treated with micro eggshell particles, shown enlarged at right, into a scanning electron microscope in order to get an image of the particles that are present on the beetle.

Small and mighty

Farming's future includes nanotechnology

In late 2022, Kansas State University entomologists took a bold step in their quest to take on the pests that stunt the growth of agricultural crops: They entered the nanoworld.

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Mission possible

Solving the human body’s lingering mysteries



Next-gen health care

Next-gen health care

University partnership elevates health care collaboration

Kansas State University’s next-generation land-grant mission includes community health and well-being, and a revitalized partnership with a local health care system is part of that vision.

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From the VPRDavid Rosowsky

We are pleased to share the latest issue of Seek, Kansas State University’s award-winning research magazine. This fall, Seek received five awards from the Council on Advancement and Support of Education, or CASE, for stories, photographs and design in the last year. I couldn’t be prouder of our editorial and design teams for their continued great work on this magazine showcasing K-State research and connecting our discovery, scholarship and innovation to Kansas and to Kansans. — D. Rosowsky, Vice President for Research

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Notable numbers Annual report

University increases extramural funding for seventh straight year

Total extramural funding garnered by Kansas State University has increased for the seventh year in a row. Although the coronavirus aid bill funding received in FY 2020 and FY 2021 made the apparent totals for those years artificially high, the FY 2023 total of $225 million is the highest ever total for the university and represents a $43.3 million, or 23.8%, increase in actual external support relative to FY 2022 and a $72.6 million, or 47.7%, increase relative to FY 2021.

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