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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Social Work Award Recipients

Outstanding Graduating Seniors

Each year, the social work faculty awards two small scholarships to students in the social work program. The Social Work faculty selects the winners of these awards from the senior class based on outstanding academic achievement.

Current Recipients: Claire Williams (Spring), Christina DiMattia (Summer/Fall)
Past Recipients:Evelyn Brady, Tricia Wilcox (2017)


Grace and Glenn W. Long Memorial Scholarships: 

The Grace and Glenn W. Long Memorial Scholarship was established to perpetuate the memory of Grace and Glenn at Kansas State University and to provide financial assistance to students majoring in Sociology and Social Work.  The fund was begun in 1990 by Ivalee Long, Glenn's second wife.  Glenn and Grace were married for 30 years. Grace died in 1973 and Ivalee and Glenn were married in 1979.  Glenn received a certificate for 33 years of service to the Economics and Sociology Departments.  He worked at Kansas State University from 1933 to 1971 when he retired.

Current Recipient:Erin Klehm (2018)
Past Recipients: Ann-Marie Kennedy (2017)

Elizabeth Bliss Garzio Endowment Scholarship in Social Science:

The Elizabeth Bliss Garzio Endowment Scholarship in Social Science was established by the late Professor Emeritus, Ang Garzio, to honor his former wife, Elizabeth (Betty) Bliss Garzio.  Betty, a retired social worker, devoted much of her life to the care of their developmentally disabled son, Eric, who lives and works at Big Lakes Developmental Center here in Manhattan.  The award is given to a senior who has earned academic merit and who has the potential and likelihood to pursue graduate education in social work.

Current Recipient:Ashleigh Minks(2018)
Past Recipients:Zanetta Thomas (2017)

Dodie Abbott Scholarship: 

The Dorla Jane (Dodie) Abbott Social Work Scholarship was endowed by Dodie Abbott in 2011 to be awarded each year to an eligible student in good standing in the Social Work Program. Dodie Abbott is a native Kansan, born in Great Bend, who devoted much of her adult life to serving the citizens of Kansas. She received her undergraduate degree at K-State in Sociology because, at the time, there was not a social work program. She worked for Wyandotte Co. SRS and then earned her MSW at KU in 1957. She worked in child welfare and later became the Assistant Director of the Social Work Department at the KU Medical Center, until her retirement. She made many valuable contributions to social work education by being a field practicum instructor for many students throughout her years at the Med Center.

Current Recipient:Consuelo Martinez (2018))
Past Recipients:Bekah Schumm (2017)

Field Instructor Award: 

This award honors a field instructor who demonstrates commitment to the KSU Social Work program and our students through multiple years of field instruction and delivers an exceptional field experience for our students. 

Current Recipient:Heather Heigert (2018)
Past Recipient: Debra Germann-Taylor (2017)

Distinguished Alumni Award:

This award honors a non-social work community member who supports and advocates for the social work profession and social justice. 

Current Recipient:Linda Arthington (2018)
Past Recipient:Michelle Houston (2017)

Community Social Work Advocate Award:

This award honors a non-social work community member who supports and advocates for the social work profession and social justice. 

Current Recipient:Richard Pitts (2018)
Past Recipient:Sydney Carlin (2017)