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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Social Work Practice Sequence Admissions

You are a student in the social work program if you have declared social work as your major. However, to receive a degree in social work, you must be admitted to the social work practice sequence - an intensive, immersive Social Work experience during your last three semesters. Throughout the practice sequence, students learn essential skills to be generalist social workers and work with a variety of client populations. Along with two semesters of coursework, the practice sequence includes a semester-long practicum at a social service agency.

During the practice sequence admissions process, students have the opportunity to reflect on their long-term goals while faculty have the chance to understand student needs and capabilities prior to their enrollment in this intensive coursework. Students should apply for the social work practice sequence prior to their last three semesters of coursework.

When you plan on graduatingWhen to apply to the practice sequence
May 2022October 2020
August 2022March 2021
December 2022March 2021
May 2023October 2021

To be admitted to the social work practice sequence, students must have: 

  • Taken or be enrolled in SOCWK 100, 315, and 510
  • 2.5 overall GPA and 3.0 core social work GPA
  • At least 80 credit hours completed and able to graduate in three semesters upon entering the practice sequence

Have questions?

  • Learn more about the social work practice sequence in this short video
  • Learn more about the application process in this short video
  • Contact your academic advisor (dollingt@ksu.edu) or the social work program coordinator (kpkremer@ksu.edu) with additional questions.

Application Process

To complete your application for the social work practice sequence, please complete the following. References, admission application, and sign-up for admissions interview should all be completed by the end of day on Monday, October 4.

  1. Request two individuals to serve as a reference at this link.
    • Appropriate references include former/current employers, non-social work instructors, or supervisor for community service hours. Individuals providing your references should complete the form by Monday, October 4. We recommend you complete this form at least a week in advance to provide them sufficient time. You are responsible for ensuring that references are received by October 4.
  2. Write a personal statement (see instructions here).
  3. Complete the Admissions Application at this link.
    • This will require you to be ready to submit your personal statement.
  4. At this link, sign-up in advance for admissions interviews that are scheduled the week of October 11-14. Interviews will be held via Zoom.