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Center for Risk Management Education and Research

Advisory Council Members

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to provide leadership to strengthen the Center for Risk Management Education and Research at Kansas State University. Members are volunteers who commit time, share knowledge, and provide resources to enhance risk management education and research at Kansas State University. The Advisory Council provides advice to Center and University administration, assists in advancing the Center's mission, and supports its efforts as an advocate.

Current Advisory Council Members

Ed Prosser

Ed Prosser | VP Commodity Risk Management | Scoular Co. | CRMER Advisory Council Chair

I love getting to know the students better. It also keeps me involved with the faculty and university. It has been very rewarding to watch the program grow.

Tim Andriesen

Tim Andriesen | Managing Director-Agricultural Products | CME Group

While agricultural trading and agricultural markets has been around for a long time, risk management practices continue to evolve. The Center for Risk Management is a unique place where the more traditional marketing of commodities meets the latest in risk management practices and provides the student with an incredibly rich environment to learn the best of both. I’m honored to provide whatever assistance to the center I can.

Lee Borck

Lee Borck | Chairman, Innovative Livestock Services, Inc | ILS Risk Management

I believe the Center for Risk Management puts Kansas State University and the graduates of the Center at a distinct advantage in attracting the leading companies in the country recruiting talent. Risk management is going to continue to elevate as a desired talent of graduates and KSU needs to be among the universities where they look first. It is also a benefit to my company as we search for new talent.

Thomas Einck

Thomas Einck | Derivative Operations Analyst | Security Benefit

Kevin Good

 Kevin Good | Senior Analyst-Manager of Corporate Accounts | CattleFax

In today's global environment commodity prices can swing substantially for a wide variety of reasons, some of which are not predictable. This, combined with the increased costs of doing business has increased the risk exposure and therefore the need for an understanding of a more aggressive risk management approach. In this environment the demand for college graduates that have gone through the K-State Center for Risk Management and have been exposed to and have a better understanding of the nature of risk is strong, and will grow even stronger as the program evolves.

Patrick Hessini

Patrick Hessini | Vice President of Transportation and Distribution | CHS

Meeting the risk management needs of today and tomorrow requires a strategic view across multiple disciplines. This is what makes CRMER both unique and exciting, given the interdisciplinary approach taken across several outstanding colleges at Kansas State University. CRMER has the potential to create unmatched opportunities for both students and partner organizations.

Todd Kemp

Todd Kemp | Senior Vice President of Marketing and Treasurer | National Grain and Feed Association

Risk management has always been a critically important function in the grain, feed and processing industry and today, more than ever, our industry firms are looking for employees who will understand the nature of risk in their businesses and who are prepared to hit the ground running. As a 1985 Ag Economics graduate, I am delighted to see K-State meeting this need, and I am privileged to be involved in the planning and direction of the Center. The interdisciplinary approach and diversity of student experience are exciting and unique elements of this important and growing program.


Tim Koch | Senior Vice President - Chief Credit Officer | Farm Credit Services of America

Renee Laird

Renee Laird | President & Founder, Tallgrass International Ltd. | Tallgrass International, Ltd.

The Center for Risk Management Education & Research is incredibly intriguing to me for two reasons: (1) there was an industry need to fill knowledge and experience gaps in hiring university graduates, and (2) it would get Kansas State University on the radar at a different level with diverse firms managing all kinds of risk. I am humbled and honored to be on this advisory council.  It is incredibly motivating to meet and interact with the student fellows and see graduates of the CRMER program do well in various industries.  I am inspired by their energy, determination, and focus.

Christa McKittrick 

Christa McKittrick | Strategy and Operations Consultant | Deloitte


Steve Neelly | Vice President, Merchandising and Logistics Country Operations | CHS


Nick Weigel | Vice President - Technical Services | Archer Daniels Midland


Lance Zimmerman | Manager - Research, Analysis and Data | CattleFax

Companies across the globe are becoming increasingly savvy at recognizing the risks they are exposed to on a daily basis. These issues are multifaceted and require business executives and managers to be exceptional problem solvers. The Center connects student fellows with university and industry leaders to help them understand these macro-level issues and the solutions being implemented at industry-leading companies. K-State students are provided a career fast track, while industry and university partners see long-lasting benefits through research and educational programs. It is exciting to see the ideas and partnerships that continue to develop through the Center’s work.