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The Center for Risk Management Education & Research (CRMER) at Kansas State University engages students and industry partners in studying organizational risks inherent in our global society. Its success depends on collaboration among faculty, students and industry partners.


CRMER's Approach

Through educating undergraduate students, graduate students, executives and professionals and conducting collaborative research, CRMER builds risk management skills and knowledge. Ultimately, it equips students and professionals it reaches with what they need to apply effective risk management practices to their work.


For Kansas State University students selected as CRMER fellows, their fellowship experiences position them as future risk management leaders. The CRMER approach to educating student-fellows has three distinguishing features.

3 prong approach

  1. It creates an interdisciplinary learning environment. One CRMER cohort may involve student-fellows from more than 20 degree programs, so fellows grow to appreciate perspectives from varied disciplines. Plus, they work with industry partners to complete consulting-type projects, which replicate an industry setting of interdisciplinary teams assessing, managing and monitoring risk.
  2. It focuses on enterprise and integrated risk management across an organization to produce career-ready graduates who have a systems understanding of risk. Most risk management programs emphasize a narrow range of risk. However, CRMER provides students with a comprehensive view of risk within an organization, across the supply chain and throughout an industry and adjacent industries.
  3. It roots itself in experiential learning, which combines academic coursework, extracurricular engagement and linkages to industry. Modeled after top-ranked MBA seminars, CRMER courses introduce risk management principles. Student-fellows then apply their risk management understanding to team projects that challenge them to consider risk mitigation as a strategic opportunity.


Calling Future Risk Management Student-Fellows

If you’re a K-State student with an interest in risk management, then consider applying to the CRMER fellowship program!

Student-fellows dedicate time each week toward experiential risk management educational activities. They gain access to coursework, industry speaker presentations, trips to visit risk management professionals, networking events and team-based industry research projects. All of these experiences enhance student-fellows’ risk management skill-building. Student-fellows who complete the CRMER program receive a transcript denotation.

Preferred qualifications for student-fellows are as follows:

  • Be at least a sophomore.
  • Have a 3.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities and other experiences.

Applications for the next class of student fellows open now!