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Center for Risk Management Education and Research

K-State's Center for Risk Management Education and Research

We live in a world filled with risks. Whether political, environmental, or economic, risk is complex and dynamic, and its effects can be felt instantaneously. New knowledge is needed to help identify, accurately assess and ultimately manage risk. In recent years, poor risk management has resulted in substantial financial losses and major firm bankruptcies. Businesses are impacted by market-changing events that can occur anywhere around the globe. As a result, we need professionals who understand these risks and can manage them across varying industries and sectors.

The K-State Center for Risk Management Education and Research engages students and industry partners in innovative education and research advancing their risk management skills and knowledge. Through undergraduate and graduate education, executive and professional education, and collaborative research, the Center actively contributes to facilitating effective risk management practices among new and established professionals alike.

Center Leadership

Leadership for the Center is provided by K-State's Department of Agricultural Economics, as well as faculty in the Departments of Finance and Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

The Center's success depends on program development and growth. This success is cultivated by collaboration between faculty and students, in addition to industry partnerships.

Make a gift online via the Kansas State University Foundation. For more information about ways to support the Center, contact Kerry Wefald at kerryw@ksufoundation.org or 785.775.2090.