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USDA APHIS NBAF Scientist Training Program

The purpose of the USDA APHIS NBAF Scientist Training Program, or NSTP, is to build the necessary technical and subject matter expertise to support the
Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (FADDL) at the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan, KS. In addition to serving as an international reference laboratory for foot and mouth disease virus and a national reference laboratory for other foreign animal diseases such as classical swine fever and African swine fever viruses, FADDL’s mission will expand to include emerging and zoonotic diseases, including BSL-4 pathogens. 

NSTP fellows will receive the following for a maximum of five years.
  • Full tuition and supplementary support to complete an MS, PhD, or DVM/PhD program in target laboratory-based fields of study such as microbiology, virology, molecular biology, diagnostics, and bioinformatics;

  • A stipend ($50,000 annually for PhD or DVM/PhD students; $35,000 annually for MS students) and health benefits (Kansas Board of Regents GRA health insurance plan);

  • Materials and supplies ($20,000 annually);

  • Travel support ($5,000 annually); and

  • Publication costs ($1,000 annually).

Successful candidates must be U.S. citizens and satisfy the following requirements. 
  • Meet all requirements of the University graduate program and have been accepted into an approved graduate training program (MS, PhD, DVM/PhD) at time of application to NSTP;

  • Identify a faculty mentor supportive of enrollment in NSTP;

  • Exhibit a strong interest in emerging, zoonotic and/or foreign animal diseases; and 

  • Be willing to commit to working at the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) in Manhattan, KS, after degree completion for the specified time for the degree completed. Failure to complete the service commitment will require fellow to repay funding received. 

Download the full terms and conditions, requirements, and service commitment (PDF)
Instructions for submission of applications (DOCX)
Download the application (DOCX)


2018 fellowship awardees

Read individual profiles of 2018 NSTP fellowship awardees. 



Contact Beth Montelone, senior associate vice president for research, at bethmont@k-state.edu, or Carol Shanklin, dean of the Graduate School, at shanklin@k-state.edu