Strategic partner pathway

Steps to collaborate and access complementary capabilities at K-State


1. Engage

  • The company and K-State begin a conversation designed to help all understand opportunities and challenges in innovation, talent, and professional training.
  • Members of university leadership team visit in person with corporate executives as well as with company research, business development, and venture capital leaders.

2. Align

  • Identify natural alignments between the university and company. Consider alignment of interests/needs, complementary capabilities/assets, and defined shared benefit.
  • Also identify capability, science, facility, and capital challenges that could inhibit alignment.

3. Enable

  • Conduct a systematic assessment defining challenges to be overcome to enable the success of individual university/corporate strategic partnerships.
  • Develop master plan that fully addresses challenges so the strategic partnership can thrive and endure.

4. Advance

  • Secure key partnerships, identify specific shared goals within each partnership, ascertain progressive benchmarks for success, and advance each partnership via targeted, economic-based projects and initiatives focused on innovation, talent, and professional training.
  • Establish performance metrics and clear expectations for monitoring and measuring the advancement of the university/corporate partnership.

5. Enrich

  • Determine and outline longevity and sustainability of the partnership, including benefits that will be created as a result of the partnership.

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Rebecca Robinson


Rebecca Robinson
Chief corporate engagement and economic development officer