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Global Food Systems

For Partners

Kansas State University is a sought-after partner. Industry sponsored K-State research with a record $27.8 million in fiscal year 2018. Industry-friendly processes mean K-State has nearly 70 active master research agreements, with 21 new agreements signed with global food systems partners in fiscal year 2018. 

We offer a variety of resources for K-State partners through our Industry Collaboration portal. Below are a few highlights. 

  • Access research and innovation: Learn how to establish a research relationship with K-State, view contract and agreement options, and search the portfolio of technologies currently available for licensing. 

  • Explore our strategic partner pathway: See how we enhance university/private-sector collaboration. 

  • Build skills: Explore global food systems professional development opportunities.

  • Plug in: Learn about our unique community partnerships and opportunities to co-locate with K-State