Funding Connection Search Help

General Information


To search a combined listing of "still open" opportunities which have appeared in the Funding Connection. No other funding data or databases are searched.

What does it search?

Only the information contained in The Funding Connection is searched. Neither the abstract nor the Request for Application for the included funding opportunities is searched. Only "still open" opportunities appear in the search results.

What are "still open" opportunities?

These are opportunities for which the due date has not yet passed or the most recent due date has passed but still remain open for submissions (see "recurring" definition").

What are "Announcements"?

These are Funding Connection entries that announce upcoming funding opportunities, request information, or provide information on sponsors’ policies and procedures. These are denoted by the bolded word "Announcement" at the beginning of an entry. Only announcements occurring in the last 30 days are included in the Funding Connection Search because of their limited applicability beyond that timeframe.

What does "Recurring" mean?

These are funding opportunities that, although the most recent due date has past, remain open to future submissions. Some programs have multiple due dates within a year or receive submissions annually. These opportunities have been retained in the database to help you plan future submissions and are denoted by the bolded word "recurring" at the beginning of an entry. An opportunity that is not designated as "recurring" is one that occurs only once, with no planned times in the future when the opportunity will open again.

What is an "Internal Deadline"? How does it differ from an "Opportunity Deadline"?

An internal deadline is used for those opportunities that have sponsor/funding agency restriction on the number of proposals an institution can submit. This date is K-State’s deadline to submit white papers or provide notification to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs so that a review panel can be formed to determine which proposal(s) will go forward. If more proposals than permitted are submitted, the sponsor/funding agency typically will not accept any proposals from K-State. Complete limited submission guidelines are available at:

The opportunity deadline is the due date set by the sponsor/funding agency. It will typically be 30-60 days (or longer) after the internal deadline set by K-State.

What do I do if a link is bad or if something is not working properly in the database?

Please send an email to with a short description of the problem. Use the same address to offer suggestions for improving Funding Connection Search.

Search Tips

How does the search function work?

It works much like the Google search engine.

  • When you start typing, the tool starts to look for words that begin with what you have typed so far. For example, typing in cat will bring up entries that have words like cat, catalysis, or catastrophe in them. As you type more letters and the word you are searching becomes more definite, the search narrows the number of entries returned.
  • If you type the word cat in quotation marks, it will search specifically for the word cat.
  • If you enter more than one word, entries will contain all of the words typed; i.e., the search treats the words like an "and" is between them.
  • Using quotes will make the engine search for the words in order. For example, National Foundation will bring up all National Science Foundation entries, but "National Foundation" will not because the word foundation must directly follow national.
  • Boolean operators, asterisks, etc. do NOT work.
  • All fields listed for an entry, except the ORSP ID, are searched each time a word is typed in the search box. The identifying text (e.g., Deadline, Internal Deadline, Program Expiration) is not searched.

Can I search a Category (e.g., General, Arts and Humanities)?

No. The search feature only searches the actual opportunity entries and not the labels. An advanced search feature is expected to be added later in the year that will allow searching by category. The tool also does not return results for searches on terms like "internal deadline", "deadline", or "expiration date" unless those words appear in either the funding opportunity title or sponsor’s name.

Can I search by sponsor?

Yes, if you know the exact name of the sponsor as included in the original Funding Connection entry. For example, opportunities from the National Institutes of Health have been entered as the Department of Health and Human Services as the primary sponsoring entity. So to pull just these entries, you must enter "Department of Health and Human Services" (in quotes) into the search box. An advanced search feature is expected to be added later in the year that will make searching by sponsor easier. We also hope to allow searches by the general categories of industry, federal, foundation, or other.

Can I search by date?

Searching specifically by date is currently difficult. Entering jul will bring up any opportunity with a date in July because all date fields (Internal, Letter of Intent, Deadline, Program Expiration) are searched. Be sure to use the month’s three-letter abbreviation (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, or Dec). Similarly, if you enter a number, the search engine pulls any entry with that number in it because the engine searches all fields. Note that all dates have the format Month DD,YY. So, searching for dates with the following format--MM/DD/YY or 2015-09-30, etc. will not work. The addition of the advanced search feature will make searching by date much easier.

Can I search by individual field?

No. The search feature will only search all fields contained in the entry. The advance search feature planned for later in the year should allow searching of individual fields.