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Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence

These centers are led by NIH-funded investigators with expertise central to the theme of the grant proposal. The centers promote collaborative, interactive efforts among researchers with complementary backgrounds, skills and expertise. In some instances, COBRE support facilitates the development of new, disease-specific research centers or augments the capability of existing centers. Find more information about the centers

Kansas has seven COBREs.

Molecular Regulation of Cell Development and Differentiation
University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City
Protein Structure and Function
University of Kansas, Lawrence
Mechanisms of Liver Injury and Diseases
University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City
Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches to Plasticity
(C-NAP) Center

Kansas State University, Manhattan
Molecular Analysis of Disease Pathways
University of Kansas, Lawrence
Novel Approaches for Control of Microbial Pathogens
University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City
Chemical Biology of Infectious Disease
University of Kansas, Lawrence