Drs. Kim and Chang research COVID-19 therapeutics

Biosecurity and Biodefense

K-State’s plan for economic prosperity will make us the foremost U.S. resource for private-public research collaboration on pathogens of global significance.

The world’s foremost global food and biosecurity science university


Biosecurity research institute building on K-State campus


K-State will build industry capacity in technological advancements for greater profits, streamlining the discovery-to-commercialization process. The Biosecurity Research Institute Biologics Development Module facilitates corporate partners to advance development of diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic countermeasures needed to combat infectious animal and plant diseases as well as zoonotic and foreign animal and plant diseases that threaten animal agriculture, crop production, food supply and human health along with natural ecosystems. An expansion of the Large Animal Research Center will increase space for animals for pharmaceutical studies. Facilities in the College of Veterinary Medicine will provide imaging and molecular analyses for private-sector collaborators.



By leveraging state, regional and federal resources to support commercialization, investment and job growth, K-State will advance our state’s biosecurity and biodefense strengths. K-State Innovation Partners streamlines corporate engagement with university innovators and collaborators. The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor — K-State and Manhattan are the western anchors — supports 300 animal health companies, 56% of the worldwide industry, as well as many relevant venture capital firms.


Student in lab

Homegrown talent

Attracting, educating and retaining homegrown talent is one of K-State’s highest priorities. K-State faculty are committed to training the next generation of Kansas scientists to study high-consequence pathogens. Among many other research opportunities, the training laboratory at the Biosecurity Research Institute prepares students in a world-class setting, while working in the BRI biosecurity labs trains them for highly desirable academic and corporate careers.


High-value opportunities and resources

K-State will prioritize the most advantageous federal and private sector opportunities, and will identify facility and talent needs that must be met to help our state leverage those opportunities. Multiple resources will be tapped to address those needs — corporate investment and philanthropy, federal/state investment, national corporate, private and family foundations and donors.

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