K-State meadow

Focus areas

Petfood lab

Food and agriculture systems innovation

K-State researchers work with producers to transform, sustain and adapt food and agriculture systems worldwide to create jobs here in Kansas and bring billions in national and international investment to the state.

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Researchers and soil sensors

Digital agriculture and advanced analytics

K-State will lead the global food system in creating and embracing leading-edge methods that are driven by data, analytics and decision making in near real time.

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K-State 105: Every Town to Gown

K-State will streamline methods for businesses and communities statewide to access our innovation, talent and training through local liaisons and coordinated resources.

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Graduate student in lab

Biosecurity and biodefense

K-State’s plan for economic prosperity will make us the foremost U.S. resource for private-public research collaboration on pathogens of global significance.

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