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The K-State Division of Facilities is in charge of recycling. Their personnel installs and maintains collection bins, picks up recyclables and processes them at the Recycling Center for transportation to Howie's.

Upon request by faculty and staff, Facilities personnel will drop off special desk-side recycling bins. Contact Facilities at 532-6446 or recycles@k-state.edu to request your desk-side bin.

Are you straightening out/cleaning out your office? Do you have large quantities of books and other recyclables exceeding the capacity of your deskside bin? Contact Facilities at 532-6446 or recycles@k-state.edu to request larger recycling containers.

Facilities personnel will pick up departmental e-waste upon request. Complete the e-waste form to arrange for pick up. Make sure you have a Deposition of Property Form (see below) filled out for the item(s) you want to recycle. You may also bring your e-waste to the Recycling Center along with the form.

For recycling of specialty items such as batteries, lightbulbs, transparencies, arrange for pick-up with the Department of Environmental Health and Saftey (EH&S) - it takes 30 seconds tops - or call EH&S at 532-5856. Small batteries may be mailed to EH&S at 108 Edwards Hall via campus mail.

Disposition of Property Form (DA-110): this form is necessary for disposal/recycling of departmental property, including e-hardware such as computers, screens, fax machines. Download the form (PDF).