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Where do I recycle at K-State?

Recycle bins are located across campus, both inside and outside buildings. You may also drop off your recylables at the K-State Recycling Center. Collection bins are located on the outside of the building and accessible 24 hours a day. If you want to drop off e-waste or other recyclables that require a Disposition of Property Form, you will need to do so between 5:30am and 1:30pm Mo-Fr.

Outside Bin Locations

Newspapers, plastic bottles, glass, and aluminum cans are collected at the following locations:

  • Ackert- South Side by Bike RacksBlue recycle bins
  • Anderson- North Side
  • Bluemont- North West Side
  • Cardwell- South Side
  • Denison- West Side
  • Durland- East Side
  • Hale Library- South Side
  • Kedzie- East Side
  • King- North Side
  • Throckmorton- South Side
  • Umberger- South Side
  • Weber- South Side
  • Student Union- North, East, & South Sides

See a map of campus and outdoor recycling bin locations (you need to click the "Outdoor Recycling" box to have the outdoor bin locations displayed).

inside recycling bins

Inside Recycling Bins

All buildings on campus offer inside recycle bins accepting newspaper, mixed paper, magazines, cardboard, glass and other materials.

Desk-Side Bins (Faculty and Staff) deskside bin

Faculty and staff can request special deskside bins by contacting KSU Facilities at 532-6446, recycles@ksu.edu. Facility personnel will drop off bins as requested.


Outside Cardboard Dumpster Locations

Cardboard DumpsterCardboard makes up a significant bulk of recycling materials on campus. Large "cardboard only" dumpsters are located at the following building locations: Ackert Hall, Ahearn, Bluemont, Bramlage, Cardwell, Call Hall, Derby, Dole, Durland, Dykstra, Edwards, Foundation, Hale Library, Jardine (several locations), King, Kramer, Leadership Bldg., Leasure, McCain, Nichols, Pitman, Post Office, Roberts (BRI), Seaton, Smurthwaite, Throckmorton, Union, Van Zile, Vet-Med, and Weber.

Edwards Hall - Department of Environmental Health and Safety - Household Hazardous Waste

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety(EH&S) is located in Edwards Hall. You may drop off batteries, lightbulbs (all kinds), aerosol cans, and any other kind of household hazardous waste that you generated at home. It will be recycled via the Riley County Household Hazardus Waste program, for which Edwards Hall is a drop-off location. For batteries, lightbulbs and hazardous waste generated on campus, please arrange for pick up by going to  http://www.k-state.edu/safety/environmental/hazardous-waste/ 

Fun Facts

Paper takes up as much as 50% of all landfill space. The average person in North America uses 250 kg of paper each year. If they recycle it, each person would save about 4.6 average-sized trees.

A stack of newspaper collected for recycling and piled 1 meter high, saves a 10 meter tall evergreen tree.