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Recycling Guide

K-State Students RecycleLots of materials can be recycled at K-State. With the implementation of the single-stream recycling system in February 2013, recycling has become very convenient and there is no excuse not to recycle. All recyclables can be collected in a single bin and do not have to be pre-sorted by the generator anymore.

Recycling receptacles are present inside all buildings and outside at various locations.

All on-campus living groups have recycling receptacles inside and outside of their respective buildings.  Off-campus living groups (fraternities, sororities) tend to have their own recycling programs.

Facilities will pick-up larger volumes (i.e. office clean-up, e-waste) from on-campus buildings for free and on request.

Fun Facts

The U.S. throws away around 200 million tons of garbage each day. The average American generates about 4 pounds of garbage each day at home and at work. That is approximately 1,460 pounds per person per year!

We throw away enough aluminum every three months to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet. The energy saved from recycling one aluminum can will run your TV for 3 hours. Recycling aluminum takes only 5% of the energy needed to manufacture it from raw material.