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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

University Handbook, Index


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A/Pass/F, F91-93
AAUP, C71-73C80.1-80.3C160.1C162.1D10Appendix AAppendix BAppendix C
ABEU, H32J55
Academic Affairs, Committee on, B91-92Appendix E
Academic Behavior, F30-34Appendix F
Academic Conduct, D10-13
Academic Ethics, F30-34Appendix F
Academic Freedom, D10-13Appendix C
Academic Grievance, F33-35Appendix FAppendix G
Academic Grievance, Undergraduate, F33-34Appendix F
Academic Honesty, F30-32Appendix F
Academic Outreach Courses, H20-26
Academic Policy, Joint Advisory Committee on, B111
Academic Procedures, F1-14
Academic Program Discontinuance, C161.1C162.2C162.5Appendix K
Academic Tenure, C70-116.2Appendix C
Academic Units, Reorganization, Appendix N
Accessibility Standards Policy, Course, F125

Acting, B120
Adding Courses, F64
Adjunct Appointments, C25.1-25.5
Administration and Finance, Vice President for, B4D60Appendix H
Administration Organization, Appendix H
Administrative Appointees, Continued Employment, C170.1-171
Administrative Tenure, Termination of, C170.3C171
Admission of Military Personnel, F14
Admissions, Advising and Enrollment, F1-2
Admissions F1-2F21
Adult Student Services (Fenix), F21
Advertising, K101
Advising, F1-2
Advising System, F1-14
Advisors, Faculty, F3-7
Advisory Committees, B100-101
AES, A3B50G30-37
Affirmative Action Program, A30-34
Agicultural Experiment Fields, G31
Agricultural Experiment Station (KAES), A3B50G30-37Appendix H
Agricultural Programs, International, B70H30-32
Agricultural Research, G30-36
Agricultural, College of B20B30
AIDS Guidelines, Appendix P
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center, F21
Alcoholic Beverages, K91
Ambulance Service, K52-53
American Association of University Professors (AAUP), C71-73C80.1-80.3C160.1C162.1D10Appendix AAppendix BAppendix C
American Council on Education, D42-43

Ancillary Appointment, C27-27.4
Annual Leave, E40-48E71
Annuity Plans, E120-122
Appointees, Administrative, C170.1-170.2

Appointment, Ancillary, C27-27.4
Appointment, Faculty, C10-26.1 (see also Employment)
Appointment of K-State Graduates, C29.1
Appointments, 9-Month and 12-Month, C21-24

Appointments, Courtesy, C15 
Appointments, Regular, C10
Appointments, Temporary -- see Appointments, Term, C11 (NOTE: The designation, temporary, is no longer used.)
Appointments, Term, C11
Architecture and Design, College of, B20B30
Arts and Sciences, College of, B20B30
Assignment of Classes, F8-14
Association of Big Eight Universities, H32J55
Athletic Council, Intercollegiate, K71
Athletics, University, K70-71
Attorney, University General Counsel, D20Appendix H
Auditing Classes, F66


Bargaining Unit for Unclassified Employees, C180
Behavior, Academic, F30-38
Blood Bank, K55
Blue Cross-Blue Shield, E80
Board of Regents Policies, C71-78Appendix AAppendix CAppendix D
Bureau of General Research, B52G42
Business Administration, College of, B20B30



Campus Disruption, Appendix D
Campus Services and Facilities, K1-91
Career & Employment Services, F21
CCOP, B95Appendix BAppendix N
Certification, Graduate Faculty, B44
Changing Colleges, F64
Cheating, F30-35Appendix F
Child Care Cooperative, J54
Chronic Low Achievement Policy, C31.5-31.8
Circle K Club, K55
Citizenship Requirements for Employment, A42
Class Assignments, F8-14
Class Attendance, Size, Length, F52-62
Class Dismissal, F63
Class Schedule, F50-51
Classes, Auditing, F66
Classes, Dismissal of, F63
Classes, Enrollment Limits, F12F52-59
Classes, F50-66
Classification of Students, F40
Classified Research, Publication of, G51-53
College Committees on Planning, B95Appendix BAppendix N
College Level Examination Program (CLEP), F75
College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF), E121
Colleges, B20-22B30Appendix H
Commencement, K89
Committees, Advisory, B100-101
Committees, Committee on, B93
Committees, Permanent Senate, B91-92Appendix E
Communication and Information Services, H3-4J40-45K1-12K20-22
Compensation, Worker's, E92
Computing Activities, G61
Conduct, Academic, D10-12
Conduct, Faculty, D11Appendix D
Conferences, H26
Confidentiality, Promotion/Tenure, C35
Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment Policy, Appendix S
Consortia, Universtiy, H32J55
Constitution of the Faculty Senate, Appendix E
Constraints of Faculty, Privileges and, D30-40
Consulting, D40
Controller, B4
Controversial Material, Appendix T
Convocation Committee, K85
Convocations, Dismissing Classes for, F63
Cooperative Extension, A3B61H1-4
Copyrights, G80
Counseling Services, University, F21
County Extension Agents, H1-3
Courier Service, Library, J13-14
Course Accessibility Standards Policy, F125

Course Description Key, F51
Course Retake Policy, F65
Courtesy Appointments, C15

Credit Hour, F115


Dean of Student Life, F21
Deans, B21B120Appendix H
Deans, Selecting, B120
Deans' Council, B110-111
Deans, Review Procedures, C157-158
Death Benefits, Insurance, E84-85
Death Benefits, Salary, E72
Deficiencies, Scholastic, F100-102
Degree Requirements, Graduate, F130
Degree Requirements, Undergraduate, F120-122
Degrees, Advanced, to Staff Members, C26.2
Degrees, Dual, F123
Degrees, Honorary, F140
Degrees, Posthumous, F150
Department Heads, B31B120-121Appendix H
Department Heads, Selecting, B120-121
Departments, B30-32Appendix H
Directors, Appendix H
Directory Information, Student, F42-44
Disabled Students, F122
Disability Insurance, E84E110
Discontinuance of Academic Programs, C72C156.2C161.1C162.5C170.1Appendix K
Discrimination and Harassment, Policy and Procedures, Appendix J
Discrimination Review Committee, Faculty, D13
Discrimination Review Committee, Student, F38-39
Dismissal of Classes, F63
Dismissal of Faculty, Procedure, C75C161.2-162.5C171Appendix M
Dismissal of Faculty, Reasons for, C161.1-162.5Appendix BAppendix K
Dismissal, Scholastic, F100-103
Disruption, Campus, Appendix D
Dropping Courses, F64
Drug Abuse Center, Alcohol and, F21
Dual Degrees, F123



Education, College of, B20B30Appendix H
Educational Communications Center (ECC), H21H28
Educational Supportive Services, F21
Emergency, Medical, K51-54
Emeritus Faculty, D70-71
Employment, Section C
Employment, Conditions of, C22.1-22.5
Employment, Relatives, C37
Employment, Summer, Faculty, C23.1
Engineering, College of, B20B30Appendix H
Engineering Experiment Station, A3B51G40-41Appendix H
English Language Assessment, C22.2
Enrollment, F1-2
Enrollment Limits for Classes, F12F52-59
Ethics, Academic, F30-34Appendix O
Ethnic Harassment, Policy on, Appendix J
Ethnic Studies, B3
Evaluation, Faculty, C30.1-66 
Evaluating Faculty and Unclassified Professionals, Guidelines for, Appendix Q
Evaluation of Instruction, Student, C34.1-34.5
Evaluations of Professors, Student, C34.1-34.5C152.2
Examinations, F70-77
Examinations, Absence from Final, F73-74F88
Examinations, CLEP, F75
Examinations, Scheduling, F70-74
Exchange Programs, University, H33
Executive Committee, Faculty Senate, B91-93G53Appendix E
Experiment Fields, Agricultural, G31-32
Experiment Station, Agricultural, A3B50G30-37Appendix H
Experiment Station, Engineering, A3, B51, G40-41Appendix H
Extension, A3B61-62C1C4C10-11C14C22.5C32.1C32.4C53.2C63.2C101C120.2C180H1-4H10Appendix H
Extension Agents, H1-3
Extension Committee on Planning, B95
Extension Communications, H4
Extension Courses, Credit or Non-Credit, H20-21



Faculty Advisors, F3-7
Faculty Affairs, Committee on, B91-92Appendix E
Faculty Appointment, C20-26.3
Faculty Conduct, D11Appendix D
Faculty Defined, C1C10-15
Faculty Evaluation, C140-156.2
Faculty Rank, C10-15
Faculty Senate, B80-81B90-93Appendix BAppendix E
Faculty Senate, Credit for Service, B94
Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning, B95Appendix BAppendix N
Faculty-Student Relationships, F3-7
Fall Commencement, K89
Family and Medical Leave Policy, E31
Federal Credit Union, J53
Fenix (Adult Student Services), F21
Fields, Agricultural Experiment, G31-32
Film, Extension, H4
Film Festival, International, K80
Final Exam Scheduling, F70
Financial Assistance, Student, F21
Financial Exigency Plan, Appendix B
Fiscal Year Defined, C72
Food Service, F21
Formal Academic Programs, K89
Formulation of Policy, Forward
Foundation, K-State, J50-52Appendix H
Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, K75
Freedom, Academic, D10-12Appendix C
FSCOUP, B95Appendix BAppendix N
Fulbright-Hays Programs, H36
Fund-Raising, K100-102
Funds for Travel, D60-61
Funeral Leave, E52



Gender, Policy on, Appendix J

General Counsel, University, D20Appendix H

General Grievance Board, D12Appendix G
General Faculty, Membership, Powers, and Meetings, B80Appendix E
Gifts, Acceptance of, D80
Global Campus, A3B60H20-26
Governance, University, B80
Grade Appeals, F33-35Appendix F
Grade Books, F87
Grade Changes, F90
Grade Points, F82
Grades, F80-110
Grades, Reporting, F86-91
Grading System, F80-93
Graduate Assistant, Appendix G
Graduate Council, B41-43
Graduate Degree Requirements, F130
Graduate Faculty, B44
Graduate Faculty, Certification, B44
Graduate Grievance, F35Appendix F
Graduates, Appointment of K-State, C29.1
Graduating Requirements for Disabled Students (modification), F122
Greek Affairs, K75
Grievance Board, General Faculty, D12Appendix G
Grievance Board, Undergraduate, F34
Grievance Committee, Undergraduate, F34Appendix F
Grievance, Graduate, F35Appendix F
Grievance, Non-Teaching Faculty, Appendix G
Grievance Procedures, F30-35Appendix FAppendix G
Grievance, Undergraduate, F33-34Appendix F
Grievance, Veterinary Student, F35Appendix F



Hale Library, G63,  J1-5

Harassment, Ethnic, Appendix J
Harassment, Sexual, A43Appendix J
Hazardous Materials, Use of, G54
Health and Hospitalization Coverage, E80
Health Center, Student, F21K50-54Appendix H
Health Insurance, E80
History, K-State, A1-4
Holidays, Legal, E60
Honor and Integrity System, F30Appendix F
Honorary Code, F30-35
Honorary Degrees, F140
Honors, Scholastic, F110
Hospitalization Insurance, E80
Hours for Student Conferences, F5
Housing and Food Service, F21
Housing Office, K30
Human Ecology, College of, B20B30Appendix H
Human Subjects, Research on, G50



Identification Cards, K60
InView, J20J44
Incompletes, F80-84
Industrial Extension Service (KIES), B62H10Appendix H
Ineligibility for Professorial Ranks, C14
Information Circuit, J14
Information, Extension, G68, H3-4
Information Office, Public, Global Campus, J41
Information Services, H3-4J40-45K1-12K20-22
Information, Sports, J45
Institutional Advancement, Vice President for, B5F21-22Appendix H
Institutional Service, C1C30.3C32.3
Instruction: Academic Procedures, F1-160
Instruction, Student Evaluation of, C34.1-34.5
Instructor Rank, Appointments, C12
Insurance, Life, Disability, E84-85
Insurance, State Health and Hospitalization, E80
Insured Death and Disability Benefits, E84-85
Interim Appointments, B120 
Integrity, F30-35Appendix O
Intellectual Property Policy, Appendix R 
Interlibrary Loan, J13-14
Intercollegiate Athletic Council, K71
Interdisciplinary Programs, Tenure, C116.1-116.2
International Agriculture, H37
International Film Festival, K80
International Programs, H30-37
International Students, F21
Intersession Courses, H20-21



Joint Advisory Committee on Academic Policy, B111
Jury Duty, D44E51



KAES, A3B50G30-38Appendix H
Kansas Board of Regents A10-11D50
Kansas Legislature, A10A20
KIES, B62H10Appendix H
KKSU, AM Radio, H4
KSDB-FM Radio, J41
K-State Graduates, Appointment of, C29.1
KSURF, G20G80Appendix H



Lafene Health Center, F21K50-54Appendix H
Landon Lectures, K81-83
Language Assessment, English, C22.2
Leave Accumulation, Limits on, C22.4-22.5E20E71
Leave, Annual, C22.4-22.5E40-48E71
Leave, Family and Medical (FMLA), E31Appendix R
Leave for Jury Duty, E51
Leave for Military Service, E50
Leave, Parental, E10
Leave, Sabbatical, C23.1C44E1-7
Leave, Shared, E32
Leave, Sick, E20
Leave, Summer, for Term Appointees, C23.1E13
Leave, Terminal, E70-72
Leave, Vacation, C22.4-22.5E40-48
Leave Without Pay, E10-16
Leaves, Faculty and Unclassified Professionals, E1-72
Legal Holidays, E60
Legislature, Kansas, A10A20
Letters of Appointment, C21
Liability, D20
Librarians, Tenure, C14
Libraries, Branch, G63J1
Libraries, University, G63J1-5Appendix H
Libraries, Presidential, J6-8
Libraries, Regional, G64J6-12
Library, Courier Service, J13-14
Library, G63J1-5
Library Holdings of University Publications, J27
Library Loan, J13-14
Life Insurance, E80-85J53

Limited Retirement Health Care Bridge, E150

Line Schedule, F50-51
Loans and Scholarships, J51-53
Loyalty Oath, A41



Mandatory Retirement Age, E100
Material, Controversial including Sexually Explicit, Appendix T
Mediation, Interim Policy on, Appendix U 
Medical Emergency, K51-54
Medical Insurance, E80
Medical Services, K50-55
Merit Salary Increases, C30.1C31.1-31.4C40-41.3
Mid-Probationary Review, C92.1
Military Leave, E50
Military Personnel, Admission of, F14
Minority Affairs, F21
Modification of Graduating Requirements for Disabled Students, F122

Modified Instructional Duties (MID) for Faculty, D90-D90.7  



Nepotism, PPM 4095, Appendix S
News Services, Office of, J20-45
Non-Reappointment to Faculty, C11C50.1C60C80.2C160.1-160.2C162.3C170.3C171Appendix AAppendix CAppendix M
Non-Teaching Faculty Grievances, Appendix G
Non-Traditional Students, F77


Oath, Loyalty, A41
Office Hours, D2F5
Old Age and Survivors' and Disability Insurance (OASDI), E110
Organizational Chart, University, Appendix H
Ombudsperson, C192-C194Appendix FAppendix G
Outreach Instruction, H20-26
Outside Activities, Restrictions on, D39-40


Parental Leave, E10
Parking and Traffic Regulations, K40-44
Pass/Fail Option, F91-93
Patents, G80, Appendix R
Pay Period, C22.1
Permanent Senate Committees, B91-93Appendix E
Photographic Services, J41J46
Physically Limited Program, F21
Plagiarism, F31-32Appendix F
Planning, Committee on University, B91
Planning and Analysis, F25
Police, K-State, K41Appendix H
Policy Development Flow Chart, V (Forward)
Policy Formulation, Foreword
Political Activities, D31-33
Political Events, Use of Campus Facilities for, K101-104
Postal Services, K20-22
Posthumous Degrees, F150
Post-Tenure Review Policy, Appendix W
Pre-Admissions, F21
President of University, B1-2D50Appendix BAppendix H
Presidential and Advisory Committees, B100-101
Presidential Libraries, J6-8
Printing and Binding, J25-27
Printing Srevices, J23-27J41
Privileges and Constraints of Faculty and Unclassified Professionals, D30-40
Probation, Scholastic, F100-102
Professional Service, C6C32.6
Professional Travel, D60-69
Professorial Performance Award, C49.0-49.14
Professorial Rank, C10
Professors, Student Evaluations of, C40C92.2C102C112.2C152.2
Program Discontinuance, Academic, C161.1C162.2C162.5Appendix K
Promotion, Confidentiality, C35
Promotion, Salary Increases, C132
Promotion in Rank, C120-C141
Provost, B3B110C26.1Appendix BAppendix HAppendix K
Public and Institutional Service, C6C32.6
Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS), E84-85
Public Information Office, Global Campus, J41
Publication Support, Faculty, G70
Publications and Publishing Services, J20-22J40-45H4
Publications, Library Holdings of University, J27
Publications, University, Office of, J22




Racial Harassment, Policy on, Appendix J
Radio, H4J41
Radio, Participation in Programs, D34-38
Radio, Television, Film Extension, H4
Rank, Promotion, C33C120
Ranks, Ineligibility for Professorial, C14
Ranks for Tenure, C13
Reappointments, C50.1-66
Records, Student, F41
Recreational Activities, K1-12K70-91
Recreational Services, F21K72-74
Recruitment, B120
Referencing Code, Foreward
Regents, A10-11D50
Regents Educational Communications Center, H21
Regents Network (TELENET), H20-21
Regents Policy on Tenure, C70-83
Regents Press of Kansas, J28-30
Regents Retirement Plans, E120-122E140
Regional Libraries, G63-64J6-12
Registrar, F21
Registration for Courses, F11
Regular Appointments, C10
Reinstatement, F103
Relatives, Employment of, A40
Religious Affairs, F21
Reorganization of Academic Units, Appendix N
Reporting Grades, F86-91
Research, C1C3C10-12C20C30.3C32.1C32.3C36.1G1-84
Research Assisants and Associates, C11
Research, Bureau of General, B52G42
Research, Facilities and Services, G60-64
Research, Faculty Tenure, C3
Research Foundation (KSURF), G20G80Appendix H
Research, Integrity in, Appendix O
Research, KAES, Scope of, B50G30-37
Research on Human Subjects, G50
Research, Classified, G51-53
Research, Support for, G1
Research Units, B50-52G30-42
Resources for Faculty, Unclassifed Professionals, and Students, F20-25
Retake Policy, Course, F65
Retirement (TIAA/CREF), E121
Retirement Privileges, D70-71
Retirement Program, Phased, E140
Retirement Program, Phased, Voluntary, E140
Royalties, G80


Sabbatical, One-Year Obligation, E5E7
Sabbatical Leave, E1-7
Salary, C22.1-23.2
Salary, Change of, for administrators returning to Faculty, B125
Salary, Death Benefits, E72
Salary Increases, C40C132
Sales, Solicitations, and Advertising, K101
Schedule of Classes, F50
Schedules, Work, Maintaining, D2
Scheduling Examinations, F70-74
Scholarly Activity, Integrity in, Appendix O
Scholarships and Loans, J51-52
Scholastic Deficiencies, F100-103
Scholastic Dismissal, F103
Scholastic Honors, F82F110
Scholastic Probation, F82F91
Selection of Deans and Department Heads, B120-121
Senate Committees, B91-93
Senate, Executive Committee of, B91-93Appendix E
Senate, Faculty, B80-81B90-93Appendix BAppendix E
Service, Public and Institutional, C6C32.6
Sexual Harassment, A43Appendix J
Sexually Explicit Material, Appendix T
Shared Leave Policy, E32
Short Courses, H20-26
Sick Leave, E20
Social Activities, K1-12
Social Club, University, K90
Social Media Policy Procedures, Appendix X
Social Security, E110
Solicitations, K100-101
Sorority and Fraternity Affairs, K75
SPEAK Test of English, C22.2
Speaker Programs, K78K81-88
Speaking Engagements, D34-38
Sponsored Programs, Graduate School, G42
Sports Information, J45
Spring Commencement, K89
State Printer, J25-26
Statistical Laboratory, G62
Structure, University, B1-124Appendix H
Student Activities, F21-22
Student Clasification, F40
Student Discrimination Review Committee, F38-39
Student Evaluations of Professors, C34.1-34.5C152.2
Student Financial Assistance, F21
Student Governing Association, F21F22
Student Health Center, K50-54Appendix H
Student Life, Dean of, F21
Student Records, F41
Student Services, F20-22
Student-Faculty Relationships, F3-7
Study by University Staff, D30
Subsistence Allowance, D67-69
Summer Employment, Faculty, C23.1-23.2
Summer Leave for Term Appointees, E13
Supplies and Textbooks, F67
Supportive Services, Educational, F21
Survivors' Insurance, E110



Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plans, E121
Teachers and Employees Association (TEA), E82
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA), E121
Teaching, C2
Teaching Loads, Adjusted for Research, G2
Teaching, Research and Extension Faculty, Tenure, C13-14
Technology, College of, B20B30B33
Television, Extension, H28
Television, Participation in Programs, D34-38
Temporary Appointments -- see Term Appointments (NOTE: The designation, temporary, is no longer used.) 
Tenure, C70-116.2Appendix CAppendix K
Tenure, Acquiring by Rank, C81-83Appendix C
Tenure, Administrative, Termination, C171
Tenure, Confidentiality, C35
Tenure, Delay in Tenure Clock, C83.1-83.6
Tenure, Interdisciplinary Programs, C116.1-116.2
Tenure, Ranks and Conditions for Acquiring, C13
Term Appointments, C11Appendix B
Terminal Leave, E70-72
Termination for Cause, Continuous Appointment, C75-76C160.3Appendix C
Termination for Cause, Review of, C160.3C162.2C170.3-172Appendix M
Textbooks and Supplies, F67
Traffic and Parking Regulations, K40-44
Travel Funds, Modes, Subsistence Allowance, D60-69
TSE Test of English, C22.2



Unclasified Employees Bargaining Unit, C180
Undergraduate Academic Grievance, F33-34Appendix F
Undergraduate Degree Requirements, F120-122
Undergraduate Grievance, F33-34Appendix F
Unemployment Compensation, E91
Union, K-State, F21K1-12Appendix H
University Consortia, H32J55

University General Counsel, D20Appendix H

University Planning, FSCOUP and CCOP, B95Appendix BAppendix N
University Publications, J20-22J40-44Appendix H
University Publications, Office of, J22
University Relations, Appendix H
University Service, C6C32.6
Upward Bound, F21



Vacation Leave, C22.4-22.5E40-48
Veterinary Medicine, College of, B20-30Appendix H
Vice President for Administration and Finance, B4D60Appendix H
Vice President for Institutional Advancement, B5F21-22Appendix H
Vice Provost for Information Technology Services, B3
Vice Provost for Research, B3G42
Voluntary Phased Retirement Program, E140


Water Resources Research Institute, G39Appendix H
Withdrawal from University, Student, F45-46
Women's Resource Center, F21
Work Schedules, Maintaining, D2
Worker's Compensation, E92
Workshops, Global Campus, H20-26