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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Updates to University Handbook

University Handbook, 2024 Updates

Section C
  • Revised Section C159. Update language in Section C159 to clarify who should be involved in providing feedback for the 5-year review (Revision 2/13/24).
Section D40-D41 and Appendix S
  • The Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time policies were reviewed and revised for clarity (Revision 3/19/24). The main adjustments are as follows:
    • Link to KBOR policy, on which our policy is based and subject to;
    • Addition of a definitions section;
    • Clarifying language throughout the explanation of steps, process, and responsibilities. 
Section F
  • Revised Section F120. The general education requirements at K-State have been updated, in accordance wth KBOR policy (Revision 1/24/23, Effective Fall 2024).
  • Revised Section F75. The current wording "any student enrolled" requires a student to be admitted and enrolled prior to being able to award credit. Changing the language to "admitted student" facilities business processes and allows the Office of Admissions to remove this barrier and update records prior to new student orientation (Revision 3/19/24).
Policy Development Process
  • Updates to the University Handbook Development Process to outline current practice and clarify that any permanent standing committee of Faculty Senate can be the originator of a proposed change to the handbook (Revision 4/9/24).

University Handbook, 2023 Updates

Section B
  • Revised Section B20. Issues noted were due to the name change from College of Enginering to Carl R. Ice College of Engineering in 2018. This change only affects Section B20 of the University Handbook (Revision 6/13/23).
  • Revised Section B34. K-State Olathe has opportunities to develop interdisciplinary faculty clusters in targeted research and scholarly areas linked to industry and technology in the Kansas City region. This language adds the ability for the School of Applied and Interdisciplinary Studies to house its own interdisciplinary faculty and develop a tenure and promotion system that correlates with the transciplinary nature of their faculty activity (Revision 9/12/23).
Section C
  • Revised Sections C1-C6. Revisions were made to align the handbook with faculty activity in the area of engaged scholarship (Revision 11/14/23).
Section D
  • Revised Section D71. Clarifying in this section that emeritus persons (as defined in D70), as well as other retirees as currently described in D71, will have certain retirement privileges (Revision 11/14/23).
Section F
  • Revised Sections F121-F122. Based on feedback from a working group of the Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures, updates were made to Sections F121-F122 relating to undergraduate degree requirements (Revision 2/14/23).
  • Overall changes to Section F were made after a review by the University Handbook & Policy Committee and the Faculty Senate committees on Academic Affairs and Faculty Affairs. Types of changes include: the standardization of numbers and terms; naming conventions and changing names to match current offices/campuses; updated URL links; standing business practices aligned; layout/format changes to match KBOR and other university documents (Revision 4/11/23).
Appendix E
  • Revised Appendix E. By-Law #7 regarding use of secret ballots was removed in order to comply with the Kansas Open Meetings Act (Revision 4/11/23).
  • Revised Appendix E. As determined by the ad hoc Constitution Committee, one seat will now be reserved within the General University Caucus for a senator from Olathe. The elections procedures have been updated to include this. Additionally, deans, associate deans, and assistant deans will be represented in their own college’s caucuses rather than in the General University caucus. Similarly, the Director of Extension should be represented in the Extension caucus rather than in the General University caucus (Revision 5/1/23). 
Appendix Y
  • Addition of Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Workload Policy. On June 14, 2023, the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) approved a “Tenured and Tenure Track Instructional Workload Policy” to require each KBOR institution to prepare and implement a tenured and tenure track faculty instructional workload standard that at minimum shall be, “structured in accordance with the university’s Carnegie Classification” and is “measured in section credit hour or student credit hours” and is “defined on a per semester or per academic year time parameter” (Added 12/12/23; Effective term Spring 2024). 

University Handbook, 2022 Updates

Section B
  • Revised Section B80-B90. Revisions to the Faculty Senate Constitution, Appendix E, were approved on September 1, 2021, to include those on term appointments. Therefore, changes were needed to Section B80-B90 to accurately reflect this (Revision 3/9/22).
  • Revised Section B95. This revision is made given a desire to see broader inclusion of voices in the College Committees of Planning. The Composition of FSCOUP is also being updated to align with current practice (Revision 3/9/22).
Section F
  • Added Section F45. A new Section F45 was added regarding the Enrollment Holds (Adopted 4/12/22):
    • Proposed addition of new Section, F45 to the University Handbook adding clarifying language to explain that K-State uses enrollment holds to prompt specific action(s) from students. Effective Term: Fall 2022.
    • For the past academic year, a working group under the Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures has been discussing the use of Enrollment Holds at K-State. This working group was acting on recommendations from the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) work; with the charge to audit and evaluate the use of Enrollment Holds.
  • Revised Section F160. Updates the policy on undergraduate academic minors to reflect current practice. Clarifies that post-baccalaureate "post-bacc" minors are available to K-State or non-K-State graduates and the reporting structure of these. A proposal for an undergraduate post-baccalaureate minor needs to be submitted for approval through the normal course and curriculum procedures (Revision 5/11/22).
  • Revised Section F170. Changes are being made to the undergraduate academic credit certificate policy to reflect current practice and also to be in line with KBOR requirements. Effective Term: Fall 2022 (Revision 4/12/22).
Appendix B
  • Revised Appendix B, Part IV - Financial Exigency. The language in Part IV of Appendix B, regarding the composition of FSCOUP and CCOPs, are duplicative. For simplicity's sake, University Handbook, Section B95 is now referenced for composition of those groups. No other changes are being made to Appendix B (Revision 5/11/22).
Appendix E
  • Revised Appendix E. Revisions were made to the Faculty Senate constitution to add a new permanent committee: Justice, Equity, Diversity, Access, Inclusion, and Identity. This committee was formed and has been working for the past two years as an Ad Hoc committee and bringing forward various proposals to the Faculty Senate. After consideratoin, it was believed there is value in having this be a permanent committee of the Faculty Senate. Other minor edits were made to the constitution to match current practice (Revision 5/5/22).

University Handbook, 2021 Updates

Section F
  • Revised Section F104. Revisions were made to the overall policy (Revision 11/10/21). The main changes include:
    • Cleaning up of language to provide greater clarity and understanding of the policies and what they do and do not influence in terms of a student's records.
    • Fresh Start sit out time change from 3 calendar years to 2 calendar years.
    • Standardization of forms used by the academic units.
    • Dean's office will require documentation of extenuating circumstances for AF.
Appendix E
  • Revised Appendix E: Faculty Senate Constitution. Various changes to the Faculty Senate Constituition (Revision 9/1/21). A brief outline of changes are as follows:
    • Revision to composition: addition of the Term Appointment Caucus.
    • Updated membership of permanent committees and when turnover can occur.
    • A Land Acknowledgment will be included on Faculty Senate agendas.
    • Updated how amendments of the constitution are considered.
    • Updated criteria for when a senate seat must be vacated.

University Handbook, 2020 Updates

Section F
  • Revised Section F62. This policy establishes that certain absences are University Excused Absences. When a student provides reasonable advance written documentation of the need for a University Excused Absence, in accordance with the provisions herein, instructors shall provide the opportunity to either make up or excuse, at the instructor's discretion, any missed assignments, activities, and/or attendance-specific points that contribute to the course grade. The details of this policy describe common University Excused Absences and corresponding processes (Revision 5/12/20).
Appendix E
  • Revised Appendix E. Overall changes to the Faculty Senate Constitution (Revision 10/1/20):

    • Updating of language throughout to reflect current practice and terminology.
    • Composition:
      • Restructuring of student representation to add Graduate Student Council president (number of student senators remains unchanged)
      • Addition of the University Support Staff President (adds one new seat)
    • Definition of a caucus is provided.  
    • Updated membership of permanent committees.
    • Updated how amendments of the constitution are considered.
    • Updated by-laws to allow for some flexibility in senator replacement at the discretion of the caucus.

University Handbook, 2019 Updates

Section B
  • Revised Section B (Revision 12/10/19): 
    • Revised Section B1 to reflect the administrative positions in the President’s Office reporting to the President.
    • Revised Sections B2 and B5 to reflect the realignment of the structures, roles, and responsibilities for strategic enrollment activities as they relate to the Provost and Executive Vice President and the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students administrative positions.
    • Revised Section B3 and added Section B9 to reflect the reflect the realignment of the structures, roles, and responsibilities for activities as they relate to the Vice President for Administration and Finance (now Vice President for University Operations and Chief Operating Officer) and the Chief Financial Officer administrative positions.
    • Added Section B8 to add the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer administrative position.
    • Revised Section B20 to reflect the name change for the College of Human Ecology to the College of Health and Human Sciences.
    • Revised Section B50 to include “Cooperative Extension Service” in the description for the website link.
Section C
  • Revised Section C10-C11. Updated language in University Handbook, Section C10 and C11, allows colleges more flexibility for rights and responsibilities of those with term appointments and brings policy in line with current practice (Revision 3/5/19).
  • Revised Section C6. Student organizations. To be consistent with the student organization policy, Section C6 was revised (Revision 10/8/19).
Section D
  • Added Section D90.8 Parental Leave Benefit. Revision to Modified Instructional Duties for Faculty to add information about parental leave benefit, in line with policy approved by KBOR in Summer of 2019 (Revision 9/10/19).
Section F
  • Added Section F104. These policies were approved by Faculty Senate in 2008. This formally includes them within the University Handbook. The Academic Fresh Start and Academic Forgiveness Policies enable an undergraduate student to neutralize, in part, the grade impact of prior academic performance. Academic Fresh Start and Academic Forgiveness provide for the computation of an alternative GPA and for the use of that GPA in most academic situations. A student may apply only once, and to only one or the other, and the process cannot be reversed. A student may not apply for either policy until he or she has been reinstated into his or her college (Revision 2/12/19).
  • Revised Sections F115 and F115.1. Credit Hour Definition. Revision to credit hour definition and half credit hour definition to include all modalities (Revision 10/8/19).
  • Revised Section F103. The change is to eliminate the dismissal policy disadvantages for transfer students and increase their retention. The previous policy put transfer students at a disadvantage their first year because the threshold for their dismissal was based on the credit hours they brought with them upon enrolling at K-State, which could exceed 60. This placed undue burden on transfer students, requiring a higher GPA after their initial semester to avoid dismissal. By placing the maximum of 60 hours on the number of hours counted toward the policy, the dismissal policy is fair and allows a semester of adjustment for new transfer students (Revision 12/12/19).
Section K
  • Overall changes to Section K, including:
    • Deleted a number of Union facilities and referred to the Student Union website, affecting K1-K10. These descriptions include:
      • After Hours committee
      • William Kemper Art Gallery
      • Student Union Ambassador Program
      • ATM description
      • Banquet information
    • Condensed and clarified K11 and deleted K12, referring to the Union Program Council website
    • Condensed and clarified Central Mail Services, including updating from the old name, and referred to their website for further description
    • Condensed and clarified Parking Services, including updating from the old name, and referred to their website for further description
    • Condensed and clarified Campus Medical Services, and referred to their website
    • Condensed and clarified Rec Services, including updating from the old name, and referred to their website for further description
    • Deleted K74-K75 and K77-K84; much of this information is out-of-date and no longer desirable fro a policy standpoint, and for description is either more effective from other sources. Rather than refer to these websites where services still exist, the committee chose to delete them altogether
    • Deleted K86-K87 as these programs are no longer supported (Revision 4/9/19)

University Handbook, 2018 Updates

Section C
  • Revised Section C46.1 to reflect change in submission date that the unit head/chair will prepare a written evaluation for faculty and professional staff. Date will change from January 31 to February 28 (Revision 4/10/18).
  • Revised Sections C53.3, 63.3, 112.5, and 152.5. Wording changes made in these sections to clarify what documentation is in a candidate's promotion and/or tenure evaluation paperwork and additionally what documentation is given to the candidate and the dean (Revisions 6/12/18).
Section D
  • Revised Section D3 for the insertion of wording and website link to new PPM Chapter 4094, Consensual Romantic Relationships Involving Students. Also addition to PPM Chapter 4095 to include policy related to consensual employee romantic relationships (Revision 5/8/18).
Section E
  • Revised Section E1-E8 to include (Revisions 5/8/18):
    • Overall editorial revisions to Section E 1-8 for clarity. Headings for each subsection were changed. Sections E2 and E3 had substantial policy changes.
    • Revised E2, particularly as it relates to terms of the sabbatical. Additions to this section include that faculty may accept limited lecturing or teaching responsibilities at another institution during the sabbatical, but will not be approved for sabbatical leave in order to accept full-time employment with another organization. Also the faculty member is released from all academic duties and responsibilities while on sabbatical, but they should make arrangements for the supervision of graduate students while on leave.
    • Revised E3, stating that the university will not reimburse a faculty member for sabbatical leave expenses (typically travel and subsistence) from general use funds. However, a faculty member may use non-general use funds such as DRA, SRO, Foundation or restricted-use funds, to the extent that such funds are at the discretion of the faculty member's use and may be used for professional development activities.
Section F
  • Revised Section F65.1. In recent years there have been many interpretations of the undergraduate retake policy. Therefore, the insertion of the word "cumulative" should provide clarification to the policy (Revision 2/13/18).
  • Revised Section F83. Wording changes to the Incomplete policy to provide clarity regarding what responsibility belongs to the faculty member and student respectively, what is appropriate use of the Incomplete grade, and additional detail regarding the time frame allowed to complete the course (Revision 5/8/18).
  • Revised Section F103. Procedural language was added for the reinstatement process when an undergraduate student has been dismissed from a KSU undergrad program, is admitted to a graduate program, and then re-applies to an undergraduate program. This is a rare set of circumstances. This addition will also be included in the undergraduate catalog and on the Registrar's website where reinstatement policies are listed (Revision 6/12/18).
  • Revised Section F110 to include (Revisions 10/9/18):
    • Revisions clearly define graduation honors at the commencement ceremony as unofficial. Graduation honors recognized are unofficial because grades have not posted nor degree conferred.
    • Reduce the amount of graded hours form 50 to 42. This is in response to the credit hour reduction for degree completion to 120 hours. Bachelor of Education students enroll CR/NC in a semester of student teaching. This modification will ensure transfer students into the College of Education may still earn scholastic honors without having to take additional coursework. 
    • Clearly define courses included in the GPA calculations as more students are beginning to challenge the calculation method. 
Section G
  • Revised Section G to include (Revisions 12/11/18):
    • Overall review and changes of policy. Faculty Senate opened review of Section G along with Appendix O, during the 17-18 academic year, at the request of the Vice President for Research. A number of deletions, which did not pertain to policy, were made such as a listing of the many research and extension centers across the state. Instead, it hyperlinks to that information on a College of Agriculture website.
    • There are substantial additions and changes originally drafted from the Vice President for Research's office in:
      • G43 Research centers, institutes, and core facilities
      • G50 Research on human subjects
      • G51 Research involving animals
      • G52 Research involving infectious agents
      • G53 Dual Use of Research of Concern
      • G54 Export Controls Compliance
    • Several sections were deleted because they referred to a committee that was not active "Committee on Classified Research", or due to duplication with the IRB.
      • G51 Classified research
      • G55 Confidential or sensitive research
      • G56 Patents and copyrights
      • G64 Libraries
Appendix O
  • Revised Appendix O to include (Revisions 5/8/18):
    • Overall editorial revisions to Appendix O for both clarity and modernization to match current Federal regulations.
    • Edited the list of topics which fall under the scope of the policy based on the Federal definition of Research Misconduct.
    • Provided definitions of the topics that fall under Research Misconduct.
    • Organized and formatted various sections of the old policy to match Federal policy guidelines and make it easier to understand and follow (added headers for each section).
    • Appointment of the IRSAC – changed membership numbers from 12 to 15.
    • Added provision that an individual who suspects a case of research misconduct may meet informally with the VPR to discuss before/if bringing forward an official charge of research misconduct against another individual.
    • Provided definitions for terms malicious and frivolous.
    • Added list of what should be included in the Inquiry report.
    • Removed requirement of including one tenured faculty member from the Department of the individual whose conduct is in question from serving on the Review Committee.
    • Added list of what should be included in the Review Committee report.
    • Added link to where graduate students can appeal a determination.
    • Added link to where undergraduate students can appeal a determination.
    • Added sentence that states that upon completion and closure of the case, a letter will be sent to the VPR documenting the resolution of the case and the matter will be considered closed.
Appendix U
  • Revised Appendix U to include (Revision 5/8/18):
    • Revisions to Appendix U reflect that Human Capital Services will now be responsible for the coordination of mediation services.
    • Employee Relations & Engagement (ER&E) is appointed to coordinate the services, in lieu of appointing a Mediation Coordinator. This approach will be cost effective and improve efficiencies for employees who are seeking services provided by ER&E. 
    • ER&E can coordinate services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), who have licensed mediators at no additional cost to the university. 
    • If necessary, ER&E can coordinate mediation services through outside licensed mediators.
Sections A, B, D, F, and J
  • Revised Sections A, B, D, F1, F2, F6, F20, F21, F22, and J1 to change references to K-State Salina with K-State Polytechnic and to embed the URLs. Revised Section F20 to update resource unit names as necessary to embed the URLs (Revision 2/22/18).
Section C and Appendix A
  • Language from Section C162.3 was updated and moved to Appendix A. This conveys accurately Board of Regents policy on the notice of non-reappointment (Revisions 3/13/18).

University Handbook, 2017 Updates

Section B
  • Revised Section B to include (Revision 2/22/17):
    • Updated the university organizational structure.  
    • Moved B123:  Administrator Evaluation Procedures to C159: Administrative Assignments and Five-Year Comprehensive Reviews.
    • Added B35: Kansas State Polytechnic.
    • Updated B37 regarding the Manhattan campus branch libraries. 
Section C
  • Revised Section C to include the following (Revisions 5/10/16; 2/22/17):
    • Overall editorial revisions to Section C for clarity.
    • Clarified the definition of Unclassified Professional Staff in C8.
    • Expanded C31.1 Departmental/unit criteria, standards, and guidelines to include unclassified professionals and the non-academic units under the vice presidents and president.
    • Moved procedures regarding evaluation of close relatives from C37 to C30.4.
    • Moved C41 procedures to C43.
    • Revised C46.1 to reflect policy change requiring annual evaluations for all faculty and unclassified professionals, including those on term appointments.
    • Modified C47.4 to reflect current practice that the Provost no longer requires all written evaluations to be forwarded to the Provost Office for review but the provost and vice presidents should receive all salary recommendations and supporting documentation as determined by the provost/vice president.
    • Removed C81 regarding probationary faculty appointments as they are no longer used.
    • Removed C171 regarding non-reappointment of persons holding administrative tenure granted prior to June 1982.
    • Moved B123:  Administrator Evaluation Procedures to C159: Administrative Assignments and Five-Year Comprehensive Reviews.
  • Revised Section C63.3 to indicate a copy of the department head's/chairs written recommendation letter alone will be forwarded to the candidate to be consistent with other faculty evaluation policies. (Revision, 9/28/17)
  • Revised Section C46.1: After latest overall revisions were made in February 2017, it was noted that wording was unintentionally removed from this section and needs restored. The wording was originally approved in April 10, 2012. (Revision, 11/15/17)
Section F
  • Revised Sections F75, F76, F80, and F121 with the relevant changes to Standard Exams, Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), and Grades (Revision 6/13/17).
  • Revised Section F102. The updated wording provides clarification to students the required criteria to no longer be considered on academic warning (Revision 11/14/17).
  • Added Section F115.1. Addition of the definition for One-Half credit hour. the one-half credit hour definition proposed incorporates the same pro-rated time commitment as that included in the one-credit hour definition (Revision 11/14/17).
  • Section F121. Revision to clarify requirements for graduation (Revision 11/14/17).
Appendix Q
  • Revised Appendix Q to include the following (Revision 2/22/17):
    • Revised Appendix Q consistent with the relevant Section C changes regarding evaluating faculty and unclassified professionals including required annual evaluations for those on term appointments.
    • Added relevant Section C citations for ease in tracking future updates.

University Handbook, 2015 Updates

Section E
  • Revised E7. Changed references to the "Controller" to the "Assistant Vice President - Financial Services" as the position of Controller no longer exists. Additional detail is also provided on the deposit of repayments. (Revision, 8/3/15)
Section F
  • Revised F76. Credit for prior learning, effective for students enrolling after the Spring 2017 term, will not become part of a student's K-State grade point average. (FS 6/9/15)
Foreword, Section B, Section C, Section D, and Section E
  • Revised Foreword; B3; C180; D12; D70; E7; E8; E10; E14; E15; E92; and E120. Due to the closing of the Office of Academic Personnel, changed references to the “Office of Academic Personnel” to the “Office of the Provost” or “Human Capital Services”, as applicable. Also updated references to “Human Resources” to “Human Capital Services” and “Office of Affirmative Action” to “Office of Institutional Equity”. (Revision, 6/5/15)
Section D
  • Revised D40. Deleted 24-hour period exception to preapproval requirements to make this section consistent with Appendix S and KBOR policy. (Revision, 5/21/15)
  • Revised Section D to include the following (Revision, 9/23/15):
    • Revisions recommended and approved by Faculty Senate and the University Handbook and Policy Committee on 5/8/12 and additional numbering edits recommended by the Office of the Provost on 7/24/12.
    • Incorporates changes approved by Faculty Senate and published since 2012 to the following:  D12; D40; D70-71.
    • Updates to link formatting and URLs throughout the section.
Section C
  • Revised C10-12. Professor of Practice Titles. Addition of professor of practice titles and multi-year contract language. (FS 3/10/15)
  • Revised C12.6. Added Instructors listed in 12.0 to the list of faculty allowed to do one-time, one-way transfers. Added link to 12.0 to the list in 12.6. This was inadvertently left out when Professional Titles were added to the University Handbook. (Revision, 12/3/15)
Appendix E
  • Amendment to by-laws removing January meeting and correction of a typo. (FS 2/10/15)

University Handbook, 2014 Updates

Appendix X
  • Addition of Social Media Policy Procedures to University Handbook (FS 12/9/14)
Appendix M
  • Changes made for clarification and administration purposes. (FS 12/9/14)
Section F
  • Complete overview and revisions to Section F. (FS 5/13/14)
Appendix F
  • Changes made only to the Honor Constitution portion of Appendix F. All other areas of the appendix remain as they are currently. (FS 11/11/14)
Section C
  • Revised C132, Promotion-related salary increases. Revision to promotion increase percentage to reflect current percentage used. (FS 11/11/14)
  • Revised C192. Ombudsperson appointment and term. Revision to language regarding ombudsperson appointment to reflect current practice. (FS 11/11/14)
Entire University Handbook
  • Changes throughout to reflect University organizational changes to replace Division of Continuing Education listings with Global Campus. (Revision, 9/8/14)
Appendix D
  • Clerical change to update Kansas Board of Regents Policy Manual weblink. (Revision, 9/5/14)
Appendix G
  • Changes to the jurisdiction section. Further guidelines for what types of grievances may lead to a full hearing. (FS 5/16/14)
Appendix S
  • Changes throughout the policy to make it consistent with Board of Regents and federal law changes. (Revision, 5/9/14)
Section E
  • Revised E150 to reflect change in KBOR Policy. (Revision, 9/5/14)
Appendix W
  • Addition of Appendix W, Post-Tenure Review Policy. This policy is being mandated by the Kansas Board of Regents. (Addition, FS 2/11/14)

University Handbook, 2013 Updates

Section F
  • F21, F122, and F125.5.  Changed references to the Student Disability Support Services Office which has changed its name and will officially become the "Student Access Center". (Revision, 7/1/13)
Section C
  • Revised C157 Dean's Evaluation Procedures, five year comprehensive review. Wording edited to provide clarification related to how the survey will be administered and what content will be shared with the dean.  Modified to allow the advisory committee to give input on the survey questions. Clarified what recommendation the committee is to provide the provost and the manner in which the committee will report their recommendation.  Deleted items that no longer have relevance due to changes in technology.  (Revision, FSM 5/14/2013)
  • Deleted "C29.3 The introduction to this handbook provides information on equal employment opportunity, employment of relatives, loyalty oath, and citizenship requirements." The introduction (Section A) no longer contains this information.  (Deletion, 4/19/13)
Appendix S
  • Updated conflict of interest policy by substituting the language from the Kansas Board of Regents Manual recently published.  (BOR revisions, 12/19/12)

University Handbook, 2012 Updates

Section D
  • D70-71.  D70-Addition of a review process by deans or vice presidents and the Office of Academic Personnel for eligibility certification.  Addition of President's discretion to approve emeritus designation for adjuncts. Changed service requirements for part-time employees.  D71-Clarification of policy language. (POD revisions, 8/21/12)

Section A
  • Section A has been reviewed and revised by the University Handbook and Policy Committee.  (Revision, 4/10/12)
Appendix G
  • Revision to the definition of "work day" in Appendix G. Clerical change only to clarify definition. (Revision, FS 5/4/12)

Appendix D
  • The entire content of Appendix D of the University Handbook (entitled Board of Regents Resolutions) was eliminated because it was obsolete, having been replaced by the KBOR Policy and Procedures Manual, as confirmed by the KBOR General Counsel. It was appropriate to replace the content of Appendix D with a simple reference and link to the KBOR policy manual. The appendix title was changed to Board of Regents Policies. (Deletion, addition POD 5/8/12)

Section C and Section D
  • Deleted C190 and C191 to eliminate redundancy and inconsistency within the Handbook. (Deletion, POD 4/27/12)
  • Sections C46.1 and D12 were modified to further describe professional conduct, refer to the Principles of Community, include an anti-retaliation provision, and list some university resources.  (Revisions and addition, FS 4/10/12)
  • Revised C12.2. The section, regarding Clinical Track Faculty appointments, has been reviewed and revised to allow all colleges in the University to benefit from it. Board of Regents has approved of this language. (Revision, BOR 1/19/12)
Appendix G
  • Appendix G was revised to follow a chronological order and to be more easily understood by users. (Revision, FS 2/14/12)
Section F
  • Revised F140. Change in honorary degrees policy. (Revision, FS 12/14/10)
  • Added F115. Addition of credit hour definition. (Addition, FS 2/14/12)

University Handbook, 2011 Updates

Appendix J
  • The University's policy prohibiting discrimination was revised August 31, 2011, for purposes of clarity and legal compliance. The second part of Appendix J now links to the current university policy at Policies and Procedures Manual Chapter 3010. (Redirected policy/revision, POD 9/02/11)
Appendix R
  • Intellectual Property Policy and Institutional Procedures, substituted the original Appendix A Intellectual Property Agreement with a revised form to be consistent with June 2011 Supreme Court ruling. (Revision POD 6/08/11)
Section F
  • Revised F21-22. Changed “vice president for institutional advancement, the dean of student life,” to “vice president for student life and dean of students” to reflect change in organization and titles. (Title change effective 2008, revision POD 03/08/11)

University Handbook, 2010 Updates

Section A
  • Delete A40-43 to eliminate redundancies. These sections were inadvertently left in the Handbook after adoption of Appendix S in January of 2001.  (Faculty Senate adopted from BOR policy, January 16, 2001.) (revision POD 12/09/10)

Section E
  • Revised E87.  The disability income percentage changed from 66 1/3% to 60% per Stephanie Harvey, Assistant Director of Benefits.  (change effective May 2008, POD 12/13/10)

Section D
  • Added D90-90.7 Modified Instructional Duties (MID) policies. (POD 12/09/10)
  • Eliminated D60-D69.  These sections contain outdated travel procedures. They were eliminated to avoid redundancy and confusing contradictory information.  Because they apply to all K-State employees, all K-State university business travel policy and procedures may be found at: http://www.k-state.edu/policies/ppm/6410.html (deletion POD 12/09/10)
  • Section D12, which references the General Grievance Board, a board no longer in existence, was removed. (revision FS 2/9/10)
Section B
  • Revised B123, Administrator Evaluation Procedures. This change reorganized the existing B123 and subdivided it into subsections B123.1 through B123.12. The only substantial addition is the prohibition of email communications to solicit, provide or report feedback (B123.6). (revision FS 11/10/09)
Section C
  • Revised C22.2 to delete policy language and replace with a reference to PPM 4650.075 Spoken English Competency. (POD 12/10/10) Revised C30-C34  to update faculty evaluation procedures to make them consistent with regular practices. (revisions FS 10/13/09)
  • Revised C25.5. State Resident Tuition Fees laws have changed. The university is no longer able to offer resident tuition fees to those students who do not qualify under state law. Therefore Section C25.5 must be changed by deleting "resident fees for dependents" and moving the "and" to before "parking privileges." (POD 3-2010)
  • Revised C157, Deans’ Evaluation Procedures. (revision FS 11/10/09)
  • Subdivided Section C41.4 into subsections C41.4 (a) & C41-4 (b). This separates the text referring to yearly evaluations of heads/chairs/directors and other administrative supervisors, from text referring to the five-year reviews of upper administrators. (revision FS 11/10/09)
Section F
  • Revised F14.  Continuing Education Fee Waivers were discontinued some years ago with the University transition to Linear Fees and the elimination of Non-Base class status.  Many classes facilitated by the Division of Continuing Education continue to be self-supporting in that the instructors are paid based upon the headcount enrolled in the class.  The reference to a Fee Waiver should be removed from the University's website as soon as possible.  There is no current policy that would permit such a waiver of tuition and/or fees. (revision FS 10/13/09)
  • Subsection F52, deleted "established by the regents," in the reference to below minimum enrollment classes. (revision FS 11/10/09)
  • Revised F160, Undergraduate Academic Minors, allowing K-State students to receive a minor after their graduation.  Also, this allows colleges to request to offer a minor to non-K-State graduates through an outlined approval process. (revision FSM 3/09/10)
Appendix C
  • Added the following note at the end of Appendix C: NOTE:  The K-State policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment is Appendix S. This note replaced the sections on “conflict situations” and “university responsibility” within Appendix C.  (revision POD 12/09/10)
Appendix S
  • Add the following subsection:  Appendix S, A.2.(h) The university’s nepotism policy is stated in PPM chapter 4095. This language was added so that all conflict of interest policies will be together in Appendix S, and they will be stated in one way, in one place only. (revision POD 12/09/10)

University Handbook, 2009 Updates

Appendix J
  • Revised to be consistent with the Office of Affirmative Action's Policy and Procedure; no substantive changes, only form changes. (revision Admin 9/21/09)
Section E
  • Addition of E150 Limited Health Care Bridge. (addition BOR 1/15/09)
Appendix V
  • Removed Graduate Student Grievance Procedures. (revision FS 6/09/2009)
Appendix G
  • Revised entire Appendix G. (revisions FS 4/14/09)
Section C
  • Subdivided Section C41.4 into subsections C41.4 (a) & C41-4 (b). This separates the text referring to yearly evaluations of heads/chairs/directors and other administrative supervisors, from text referring to the five-year reviews of upper administrators. (revision FS 11/10/09)
  • Restructured and clarified the evaluation process for deans. (revisions FS 11/10/2009)
Section F
  • Subsection F52, deleted "established by the regents," in the reference to below minimum enrollment classes. (revision FS 11/10/09)
Section B
  •  Subsection 123. This change reorganized the existing section B 123 and sub-divided it into subsections B123.1 through B123.12. The only substantial addition is the prohibition of e-mail communications to solicit, provide, or report feedback (B123.6). (revisions FS 4/14/09)

University Handbook, 2008 Updates

Appendix F
  • Revised definition of plagiarism. (revisions FS 9/09/08)
  • Revised Honor and Integrity System Constitution. (revisions FS 6/12/07) Appendix F
Entire University Handbook
  • The phrase "unclassified professional members" was changed to "unclassified professionals" to be consistent throughout the handbook as both were previously used interchangeably. (revisions 7/14/08)
Section E
  • The entire Section E of the University Handbook was revised in July 2008 to keep it consistent with the PPM and other directives promulgated by legislative, regulatory, and judicial processes. (FS 3/11/08; revisions 7/14/08) Section E
Entire University Handbook
  • Revised sections and appendices to add "color" and "gender identity" as protected categories so that the K-State AA/EEO policies and complaint resolution process in the handbook comply with Executive Order 07-24.(revisions with additions 3/18/08)
Section F
  • Addition to F81 to provide clarity regarding the procedure for assigning a grade in a non-graded course (FS 3/11/08; effective 8/25/08)(addition)
  • Revision to F71 to add language regarding conflicting exam times and rescheduling of non-group exams. (FS 2/12/08)(revision)
Section D
  • Revision to D40 to increase consulting days from two to four. (FS 1/15/08)(revision)

University Handbook, 2007 Updates

Section F
  • Added policy on Course Accessibility Standards F125-F125.5.  (FS 6/12/07) (addition)
Appendix U
  • Revisions to "Agreement to Mediate" section of the Policy on Mediation. (FS 3/13/07) (revision)
Section C
  • Added ancillary appointment language section C27 to C27.4. Changed numbering of C26.1 to C26.3 to C29.1 to C29.3. (FS 2/13/07) (addition and revision)

University Handbook, 2006 Updates

Sections A, B, D, F, H, J, K
  • Changes recommended by the University Handbook and Policy Committee, including minor editing and updates by departments and university administrative offices. (July 2006) (revisions)
Section E
  • Changes and updates recommended by the University Handbook and Policy Committee due to changes to BOR, State, and K-State policies in the PPM. (July 2006) (revisions)
  • Change in policy (E50) required by recent BOR decision. Increased number of working days of military leave with pay for active duty from 12 days to 15 days per Federal fiscal year. (BOR 9/26/06) (revision)
  • Change in policy (E41) required by recent BOR decision to allow an unclassified employee appointed to a less than full time and/or less than twelve month non-instructional position to earn and accumulate vacation leave.  (BOR 9/21/06)
Entire University Handbook
  • Changed "Kansas State University" and "KSU" to "K-State" where appropriate, to align the University Handbook with current K-State marketing procedures. (July 2006) (revisions)
Appendix F and Appendix V
  • Changes made to Appendix F to remove the Bylaws, add the Constitution, remove the Student Grievance Procedures from Appendix F to Appendix V (new appendix).  Change the title of Appendix F to "Academic Conduct, Academic Honesty, and Honor System Constitution."  Title Appendix V "Student Grievance Procedures." (2/10/04)(revisions/additions)
Appendix P
  • Changes made to Appendix P to reflect the current Guidelines published in the Student Handbook that the Health, Communicable Disease, and Safety Committee updates annually. (3/02/06)(revisions)
Section C
  • Added new sections C49.1 to C49.14 to include Professorial Performance Award. (FS 2/14/06)(addition)
  • Revisions made to C10 and C11 to include Clinical Professor appointments in the department of Clinical Sciences. (BOR 1/19/05)(revisions)
  • Added a new section C12.2 on Clinical Professor appointments in the department of Clinical Sciences. (FS 6/14/05 and BOR 1/17/06)(addition)
Section F
  • Change made to F12 due to implementation of new iSIS system. Increased maximum number of enrollment hours from 18 to 21. (FS 1/17/06)(revision)
  • Change made to F110 regarding graduation with scholastic honors. Reworded to include a K-State GPA of 3.850-3.949 needed for a Magna Cum Laude and a K-State GPA of 3.750-3.849 needed for a Cum Laude honor. (FS 1/17/06)(revision)

University Handbook, 2005 Updates

Section E
  • Policy changes in E20 and E60, to correspond with the PPM. (9/22/05)(revision)
  • Policy and editorial changes in E20E41E48, and E60, to correspond with the PPM. (08/11/05)(revision)
  • Deleted E81 regarding dual employment health insurance.  This information is furnished to employees during the annual open enrollment period for health insurance. (8/08/05)(deletion)
  • Updated section E82 concerning supplemental life insurance program available to K-State employees. (8/08/05)(revision)
Section C
  • Revisions made in accordance with modified BOR policy on assessing English competency. C22.2 (FS 10/11/05)(revision)
  • Policy change in C20 and C21.1, to change initial contracts to be issued by the provost and a copy of the letter of expectation to be sent to the provost. (10/12/05)
  • Changes in spoken English competency requirements and testing for all prospective faculty members and graduate assistants. C22.2(FS 4/16/05)(revision)
  • Increased promotion and tenure salary increases for associate and full professors from 5% and 7.5%, respectively, to 8% and 11%, respectively. C132 (FS 4/12/05)(revision)
  • Editorial changes made to C10. (8/08/05)

University Handbook, 2004 Updates

Appendix F
Appendix U
Appendix G
  • Updated introduction to include mediation. (FS 05/11/2004)(revision)
  • Updated Section G.2 to include mediation. Appendices G.2.hG.2.iG.2.jG.2.k. (FS 05/11/2004)(revision)
Appendix K
  • Updated Appendix K.3.g on discontinuance of Academic Programs. (FS 05/11/2004)(revision)
Section G
  • Add part to Section G51 on the Committee on Classified Research. to include on their job to monitor faculty research. (FS 05/11/2004)(revision)
Appendix G
  • Change the composition of the General Grievance Board. Increase the number of members from 45 to 60 and require that the board consist of at least 10 women and seven minorities. Appendix G (FS 4/13/04)(revision)
Section D
  • Deleted Sections D39, 41, 42, and 43 regarding Conflict of Interest. See policy in Appendix S (revision 2/20/04)
Appendix C
  • Deleted paragraph regarding "Statement on Conflict of Interest". See policy in Appendix S (revision 2/20/04)
Appendix T

University Handbook, 2003 Updates

Section E
  • Discretionary holiday for faculty and unclassified professionals E60. (PPM Ch 4865) (revision 7/17/03)
  • Supplemental life insurance E82. (PPM Ch4820) (revision 7/02/03)
  • Long-term care insurance E86. (PPM Ch4820) (revision 7/02/03)
Section F
  • No examinations (unit or final) may be scheduled seven calendar days prior to the first scheduled day of semester examinations. F70. (FS 04/13/2003)(revision)
  • Adds 'XF' to the grading scale in section F80. (FS 03/11/2003)(revision)
  • Gives further instruction for change of grades in section F90. (FS 03/13/2003)(revision)
Section C
  • Clarification of the term regular as applied to faculty ranks of assistant professor, associate professor and full professor. C10(Approved 02/07/2003)(revision)
  • Further clarification to include "regular" appointments. C10 (Approved 10/30/03) (revision)
Appendix J

University Handbook, 2002 Updates

Section C
  • Strike the requirement that the probationary faculty's complete file be forwarded to the Provost. Files are available upon Provost's request. C54 (FS 5/14/02) (revision)
Section E
Section G
  • Copyrights, Patents, Royalties, Delete G80-G84, replace with sentence referring reader to the Intellectual Property Policy, Appendix R(FS 5/14/02)(revision)
Section H
Appendix E
  • By-Law 3, Clarification on timely use of proxy. Appendix E (FS 10/8/02)(revision)
  • Update of representation and eligibility requirements. Article II (Approved 10/08/2002) (revision)
Appendix G
  • Added language to assure both parties have access to all of the information submitted to the hearing panel; added language to assure that if additional information is acquired by the panel, the hearing will be reopen; added language to assure anyone participating in the hearing is not subject to retaliation. Appendix G (FS 5/14/02)(revision)
Appendix R
  • Intellectual Property Agreement Appendix R (FS 5/14/02)(new)
Appendix S
  • K-State Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment Appendix S (FS 1/16/02)(FS 5/14/02 revision)

University Handbook, 2001 Updates

Added language to include unclassified professionals where appropriate throughout the handbook (Recommended by University Handbook Committee, Approved by FS and Provost 1/25/01) (addition) 

Changed the title of the  Faculty Handbook to University Handbook (FS 4/10/01) (revision)

Section E
  • Accidental Death Benefits (FS 5/10/01) (revision) E85
Appendix E
  • Revised constitution to allow student voting privileges on Academic Affairs, Faculty Affairs, and FSCOUP (FS 9/16/01) (revision) Article III, Sec. C Appendix E
Appendix U
  • Interim Policy on Mediation (FS 2/14/01) (new) Appendix U

University Handbook, 2000 Updates

Foreword (FS 4/11/00) (revision) Foreword

Section C
  • Interim Summer Employment Policy (FS 11/9/99) (revision) C23.1
  • Confidentiality of Peer Evaluations (FS 4/11/00) (revision) C35
  • Delay of the Tenure Clock (FS 4/11/00) (revision) C83.1-C84
  • Administrative Appeals, Grievance Resolution, Ombudsperson (FS 12/14/99) (revision, addition) C190-C194
  • Appointment and Term; Recognition and Training of Ombudspersons C192 and C193
Section D
  • Privileges, Benefits, and Responsibilities (FS 5/9/00; 6/13/00) (addition) D3D4D5D6, and D7
Section E
Appendix E
  • Constitution of Faculty Senate (FS 2/22/00) (revision) Appendix E
  • Constitution of Faculty Senate, Article II, Section A, 2 (FS 9/11/97) (revision)
Appendix F
Appendix G
  • General Grievance Board (FS 10/12/99) (revision) Jurisdiction and Administrative Appeals
  • General Grievance Board (FS 12/14/99) (revision) Move ombudsperson procedures to Section C, increase number of members of the GGB to 45, increase the minimum representation of women to 8 and minorities to 5.
  • General Grievance Board (FS 1/11/00) (revision) Provide linkage from GGB to section on ombudspersons, change wording from "sex" to "gender," reference to minorities "as defined by Federal Regulations.
  • General Grievance Board (FS 4/11/00) (revision) Changes to composition and legal advice for GGB and grievance hearing procedures.
  • General Grievance Board (FS 10/10/00) (addition) Reimbursement for expenses involved in pursuing grievances.

University Handbook, 1999 Updates

Section B
  • Appointment, Reappointment, and Evaluation of Administrators (FS 4/27/99) (revision) B120-125
Section C
  • Summer Employment (forwarded by administration) (revision) C23.1
  • Assessment of Instructional Skills of Graduate Teaching Assistants (FS 4/27/99) (addition) C39
  • Annual Merit Salary Evaluation (FS 5-11-99) (revision) C40-41.4
  • Departmental Procedure for Reappointment (FS 5-11-99) (revisions) C53.1-53.3
  • Mid-Probationary Review (FS 3-9-99) (revision/addition) C92.2-92.4
  • Procedures for Tenure Evaluation (FS 4/13/99) (revision) C110-116.2
  • Procedures for Promotion Evaluation (FS 4/27/99) (revision) C150-156.2
Section E
  • Faculty and Unclassified Professional Benefits (forwarded by administration) (revision/addition) E80-129

University Handbook, 1998 Updates

Section B
  • Service in Leadership Roles (FS 11/10/98) (revision) B94
Section E
  • Sabbatical Leave policy (FS 11/10/98) (revision) E1-E8
Section C
  • Determining the Threshold of Minimum Acceptable Levels of Productivity (revision) C31.8
  • Probationary Period (FS 5/12/98) (revision) C82.1
  • Defining the Role of College Tenure and Promotion Advisory Committees (FS 4/28/98) (revision) C153.1
  • Versatility as a University Requirement for Promotion and Tenure (FS 5/12/98) (deletion) C101
Section E
  • Scholarly Leave and Tenure Clock (FS 4/28/98) (revision) E11
Appendix J

University Handbook, 1997 Updates

Section C
  • Policy to Designate Change in Salary for Administrators Who Return to the Faculty (revision) (11/7/97) moved from B12.5 to C21.2
Section F
Appendix E

University Handbook, 1996 Updates

Section C

University Handbook, 1995 Updates

Section C
  • Faculty Appointments (revision) C10-11
  • Appointments at the Rank of Research Assistant Professor, Research Associate
  • Professor, and Research Professor (new) C12.1
  • Faculty Evaluation (revision) C30.345.146.1
  • Chronic Low Achievement (new) C31.5
  • Student Ratings in the Classroom (revision) C34.1, 34.2
  • Final Approval of, Promotion and Tenure Decisions Rest with the President Rather than the BOR (new) C7893114.1-114.2115,154.1-154.2155-156.1
Section D
  • Final Approval for Emeritus Status Rests with the President rather than the BOR (new) D70
Section E
  • FMLA (new) E31
  • The Reporting of Vacation Leave (revision) E47
Section F
  • Student Discrimination Review Committee Guidelines (revision) F38-39
Appendix R
  • Delete Appendix R