Kaleo Vincent

Year in school: Senior Kaleo Vincent

Major: Athletic training and rehabilitation sciences

Hometown: Valley Center, Kansas

What is your earliest K-State memory?

My first memory on campus was arriving to Marlatt Hall and moving into my first residence hall. I was really nervous, and my brother and I were very lost, but eventually we found our way to the front doors. I moved in early as I was going to be working in a community assistant role, which are front desk employees in residence halls, so there wasn't anyone in the building other than staff members. I was so fortunate that the housing staff members in Marlatt Hall were awesome and were super inviting! I remember one of my first nights I was sitting in my room and got a message from my resident assistant that they were going to the Varsity truck and that they wanted me to come. I was unbelievably excited, even though at that point that I didn't know what Varsity was. I had a great time and got to know my staff members who would eventually become great friends of mine. As an RA myself now, I make it a point to make a Varsity run with my residents early in the semester.

Why did you choose K-State?

I chose K-State because I love the emphasis our university has on community. Finding a support system and people you can rely on has always been a priority for me, so when I was choosing my school it was vital. K-State has a plethora of resources and people working hard every day to prioritize student well-being on every level. Whether it's physical, financial, mental, community or more, there are so many resources to help!

How are you involved at K-State?

Blue Key Senior Honorary and Quest Freshman Honorary co-director, Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellow, Resident Assistant in Moore Hall, Student Staff Council and Staley School Ambassador

What has been your favorite K-State experience?

One of my favorite K-State memories was getting to go to Italy with the Staley School of Leadership this past summer. I studied in Orvieto for six weeks taking the cultures and context of leadership course. It was so fun to travel and live in Italy with other K-State students and faculty members. One of the best parts of our time there was organizing Tuesday night family-style meals for our group. In true potluck fashion we all brought different food and drinks to share, and we would eat dinner together. It was the best to spend time in community, eat homemade food and truly live.

How does K-State care for Kansans in your hometown community?

K-State has amazing regional admissions representatives who work within the Sedgwick County area at high school events to provide resources and guidance for students who are looking to pursue a degree at K-State. When I was in high school in Valley Center there was an admission representative who came to our school a few times throughout the semester to hand out pamphlets and answer any questions that students had. This was super helpful in getting me the information I needed to be successful before stepping foot on campus.

Why do you want to bring K-State to your community?

I truly found my home at K-State and I want to help others do the same. K-State has provided me with an environment conducive to my growth as a professional, as someone who exercises leadership, but most importantly as a person. My hometown gave so much to me throughout the first part of my life so giving back to them in any way that I can is vital to me. I am so thankful to K-State for giving me the opportunity to pay it forward.