Joshua Diazdeleon

Year in school: SeniorJoshua Diazdeleon
Elementary education, minor in leadership studies

Hometown: Liberal, Kansas

What is your earliest K-State memory?

Watching the Kansas State University Marching Band perform “Queen” in 2015’s halftime show during a game against Oklahoma.

Why did you choose K-State?

When it comes to receiving a world-class education surrounded by world-class people, K-State is the obvious choice. K-State is not only rooted in tradition but shows its students every day how important their experiences on campus mean. K-State instantly felt like my home away from home and during breaks throughout the year I am already thinking about when I will next be in Manhattan.

How are you involved at K-State?

At K-State I am heavily involved within multiple student organizations and hold a variety of positions. I was elected to be one of two K-State Student Ambassadors. I also am the head trumpet section leader within the Kansas State University Marching Band and I am president of Call Me MISTER. I am very active within the College of Education.

What has been your favorite K-State experience?

One of my favorite K-State memories is running onto the field for pregame during my first football game as a member of the marching band back in 2019. I was so nervous but also excited to be able to perform everyone's favorite K-State traditions in front of a crowd of 50,000 people at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

How does K-State care for Kansans in your hometown community?

K-State has shown time and time again how important it is to reach out to folks in western Kansas. Growing up it felt like my community was often overlooked by the rest of the state, but I saw how active K-State was in not only my school but also in my surrounding community — truly living K-State's land-grant mission to support all parts of our state.

Why do you want to bring K-State to your community?

My community would directly benefit from continued involvement with K-State, especially through means of pathways for high school, transfer and nontraditional students to receive their diplomas through K-State. The university has proven to be a countless success for alumni who lead within southwest Kansas and folks who thrive within southwest Kansas.