Jade Valdez-Gomez

Jade Valdez-Gomez

Year in school: Junior

Major: Dietetics, minor in leadership studies

Hometown: Garden City, Kansas

What is your earliest K-State memory?

My earliest memory of K-State is walking down Denison Avenue from the residence halls on my way to the Rec. I was taking everything in for the first time — the Kansas State University Gardens, Greek housing, Jardine Apartments — and I couldn’t think of a better place to be!

Why did you choose K-State?

As a first-generation college student, I did not know where to begin my college journey. With the help of my teachers and advisors, I found myself touring K-State's campus with my family and instinctively knew this was the place for me. Not only did they offer dietetics as a major, but they also welcomed me into the Wildcat family with open arms.

How are you involved at K-State?

I'm involved in the Edgerley-Franklin Leadership Program with the Staley School of Leadership Studies, the multicultural scholarship program with the College of Health and Human Sciences, Quest Freshman Honorary, the Kansas State University Student Foundation, the Student Dietetic Association and the inaugural cohort of Food Security Scholars. I am a Cats' Cupboard volunteer, a mobile food distribution volunteer with HandsOn Kansas State, a tour guide as an Office of Recruitment and Admissions Ambassador, a College of Health and Human Sciences Ambassador and a CAT Community Learning Assistant.

What has been your favorite K-State experience?

My favorite K-State experience would be my time in Quest Freshman Honorary. As a freshman, this organization changed the trajectory of my college journey. I met outstanding students who I am now glad to call my friends, participated in exclusive activities and increased my self-confidence. I would highly recommend all first-year students to apply!

How does K-State care for Kansans in your hometown community?

A K-State admissions representative visits Garden City High School and Garden City Community College each year to help recruit future Wildcats. In addition, K-State has a K-State Research and Extension office located in Finney County and the K-State Alumni Association hosts Catbacker events.

Why do you want to bring K-State to your community?

Garden City is a diverse hub full of untapped potential. Attending a land-grant university like K-State may seem like a dream that is too far out of reach for many students. However, there are various resources that can be utilized to help make this dream a reality. I want to empower young scholars to reach out to these entities and envision themselves at K-State. All it takes is someone to believe in a student, and soon enough they will be breaking down barriers they once thought were impossible to overcome.