Citlali Real

Citlali Real

Year in school: Sophomore

Major: Architecture

Hometown: Dodge City, Kansas

What is your earliest K-State memory?

My earliest memory is thrifting matching K-State sweatshirts with my mom in my hometown.

Why did you choose K-State?

The architecture program is known nationwide and the community at K-State is extremely welcoming.

How are you involved at K-State?

I am involved in Women in Design, National Organization of Minority Architecture Students and the Developing Scholars Program. I am also a Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House alumna. 

What has been your favorite K-State experience?

My favorite experience is the close relationships I have built with my studio mates.

How does K-State care for Kansans in your hometown community?

The Bridges to the Future program helps many minority students transition from community college to K-State.

Why do you want to bring K-State to your community?

I want other first-generation students to know that attending university is possible and there are a variety of resources available at Kansas State University.