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Kansas State University Amethyst Award

The Amethyst Award recognizes extraordinary contribution of individuals who personify Kansas State University's mission of advancing the well-being of Kansas, the nation, and the international community. The Amethyst Award is the most prestigious award granted by Kansas State University and it honors an individual who has rendered great lifetime service, who goes above and beyond in their daily lives to serve Kansas State University, its faculty, staff, students, and mission. This person possesses a deep responsibility for extraordinary acts of leadership.

All Kansas State University alumni, faculty, staff, administration, students, student organizations and friends are eligible to nominate individuals they feel are worthy recipients of the Amethyst Award.

Amethyst Award nominees must exemplify the following qualities and characteristics:
  • They must be affiliated in some way with Kansas State University, but not necessarily be students or alumni. Members of the K-State faculty and staff are also eligible.
  • They must exhibit the best qualities of K-State Pride — Kansas State's mission of fostering excellent teaching, research, and service that develop a highly skilled and educated citizenry.
  • Their outstanding record of service and philanthropy may or may not be in the form of financial support; contributions of time and/or talent are also valuable forms of philanthropy.
  • They must have a history of dedication and service to Kansas State University.

In addition, all nominees should have:

  • An official nomination from a member of the Kansas State University community (NO self-nominations will be accepted).

Guidelines for nominating individuals for the Amethyst Award (include as part of nominating material):

  • Career, vocation or life pursuits to include activities leading toward a successful career; papers and writing for journals, magazines, books; awards and recognitions received during career for outstanding service and accomplishments.
  • Connection with Kansas State University to include specific activities that have strengthened ties with K-State and/or improved some aspects of the quality of education within the university; listing membership on task forces, boards, committees, or groups enhancing the overall university environment and any other support.
  • National, regional, state, and local pursuits, which render service should be noted.
  • Leadership roles that have helped others.
  • Any other worthy cause or diverse activity leading toward achievement and prominence in community or within the scope of the university.
  • Three letters of recommendation and any other supportive material that will strengthen the nomination.
  • Personal data of nominee, including information on family, current activities, hobbies and travels.

The Amethyst Award is given when an individual meets the unique qualifications established in the award guidelines. It is not necessarily awarded on an annual basis.

Nomination materials can be sent to:  President's Cabinet, Attn: Linda J. Cook, Office of the President, 110 Anderson Hall, Manhattan, KS  66506-0112.

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Kansas State University Amethyst Award (PDF)