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Office of Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Law Ambassadors

The Pre-Law Ambassadors are open to students in any major. Their purpose is to bring together students with an interest in law as a career and to provide them the opportunity to assist with and design informative programs to increase their understanding of legal education, law school, the practice of law, careers in law and issues in law. 


What We Do

Pre-Law Ambassadors come from a variety of majors and unite Pre-Law students from across campus. This unique group was formed in the fall of 2015 to unite students with a common interest in the law. The Ambassadors represent Pre-Law at campus events, talk to prospective Pre-Law students, enrich the academic atmosphere of the pre-law community, and help facilitate positive experiences for students within the Pre-Law Program. New ambassadors are added each spring through an application and interview process. We welcome Pre-Law students from any major to apply.

Who We Are

Miranda MooreMiranda Moore, President
Communications Studies and Political Science
Pittsburgh, KS




Madeline AmesMadeline Ames, Vice-President
Philosophy and Political Science
Olathe, KS 




Kate SchmittKatherine Schmitt, Secretary
Accounting (LEAD)
Great Bend, KS 




Hunter Johnson, TreasurerHunter Johnson
Agricultural Economics (LEAD)
Washington, KS




Marley BarnettMarley Barnett
Anthropology and Spanish
Coffeyville, KS 




Nick KaecheleNicholas Kaechele
Chemical Engineering and Mathematics
Spring Hill, KS




Ashley McCallAshley McCall, Public Relations Chair
Philosophy and Leadership Studies
Topeka, KS




Elizabeth PattonElizabeth Patton
Philsophy and Spanish
Lawrence, KS




Anna ShipleyAnna Shipley
Business Administration
Atchison, KS




Madison WilkinsMadison Wilkins
Business Administration
Stilwell, KS




Not Pictured

A picture of Thayne Benoit is missing.Thayne Benoit
Mass Communications
Smith Center, KS




A picture of Ryan Berry is missing.Ryan Berry
Business Administration
Topeka, KS




A picture of Hannah Bretz is missing.Hannah Bretz
Hutchinson, KS




A picture of Cadence Ciesielski is missing.Cadence Ciesielski
Valley Center, KS




A picture of Drew Davis is missing.Drew Davis
Communication Studies
Wichita, KS




A picture of Paul Feighner missing.Paul Feighner
Economics and Business Administration
Minoring in Political Science
Overland Park, KS 



A picture of Lexi Finley is missing.Lexi Finley
Political Science
Colby, KS




A photo of Leah Gaines is missing.Leah Gaines
Architectural Engineering
Lamar, CO




A picture of Taylor Snider is missing.Taylor Snider
Communication Studies
Topeka, KS




A picture of Gabby Stein is missingGabby Stein
Political Science
Overland Park, KS




A picture of Makaela Stevens is missing.Makaela Stevens
Scott City, KS




A picture of Madeleine Stobbs is missing.Madeleine Stobbs
Godfrey, IL




A picture of Ashley Worth is missing.Ashley Werth
Communication Studies
Hutchinson, KS




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