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Office of Pre-Law Advising

Give to Pre-Law

Impact of Philanthropy

Philanthropic support is fundamental to the university’s research, creative, academic, infrastructure, outreach, extension and engagement efforts in support of the strategic 2025 plan. The following opportunities for philanthropic investment in the Pre-Law Program will help create and sustain success as we ensure that K-State’s long tradition as a public research university is preserved and enhanced to a top 50 level nationally.

Programmatic Support

The Office of Pre-Law Advising engages students to help prepare them to meet the expectations of a legal career. With philanthropic support, we would seek to:

  • subsidize student preparation for the LSAT
  • enhance the Pre-Law curriculum
  • establish a lecture series to attract scholars and practitioners
  • provide mentoring for Pre-Law students
  • Develop and invite participation in experiential immersions
  • support Mock Trial Team participation
Staff Development

Attracting and retaining qualified staff is critical to the success of the Office of Pre-Law Advising. Philanthropy will enable the program to add and better support staff so that we can continue to serve ever-more bright and ambitious students and maintain the program’s tradition of excellence for years to come.

Emerging Needs

The flexibility of a discretionary Pre-Law Excellence Fund can make an enormous difference by permitting the program to address unanticipated student needs and seize unforeseen opportunities. An excellence fund also stimulates creativity and provides for professional development among the staff.

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