In 1981, a Professor at the University of Texas, Ron Matthews, established the Formula SAE event. In the first year of the competition, 6 teams and 40 students were in attendance. Now, there are 600+ active teams worldwide and at Michigan International Speedway this year there were 120 teams competing, with over 2500 students participating at the event.


Formula SAE competitions are international collegiate events where engineering and business skills are tested in the form of an incredibly agile and fast Formula style racecar. At competitions, the attending students congregate amongst the competition sites to form the most unique style of job fair; a chance for companies to thoroughly analyze a students’ talents, decision making, and preparation. Rather than a brief discussion and exchanging of a resume, Formula SAE competitions provide a more fair look at students who shine more with action rather than dialogue.

Formula SAE provides students the opportunity to challenge themselves by applying classroom knowledge throughout all aspects of the team. As a result, team members enhance their skills of engineering design, manufacturing, testing, project management, budgeting, marketing, and most importantly team work. By competing in Formula SAE, students can push the boundaries of their imagination, as the rulebook mostly enforces safety and encourages innovation. Walking through the paddock at competitions will prove that. Each car is entirely unique, no two cars are the same. Detail, passion, camaraderie, excitement are abundant throughout the paddock. Formula SAE is special. Experience it with us at Powercat Motorsports. You might lose sleep throughout the year to get there, but you'll enjoy every minute of it.

Dates of Competitions

The first and most prestigious competition is at Michigan International Speedway usually the 2nd week of May. The 2nd competition that we attend typically occurs in the 3rd week of June in at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

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