2023 car at competition


General Suspension
Wheelbase: 64 in Design: Double wishbone, pushrod, traditional bar ARB
Front Track: 49 in Front Brakes: Wilwood calipers
Rear Track: 47 in Rear Brakes: AP Racing calipers
Overall Weight: 472 lbs Brake Discs: Ductile iron rotors
Weight Distribrution: 47% Front, 50% Left Wheels: Keizer wheel shells, custom wheel centers
Engine Chassis
Model: Triumph Daytona Design: Monocoque
Displacement: 675cc Construction: Carbon fiber and honeycomb
Exhaust System: Fabricated Titanium header and muffler
Fuel: E-85


Formula SAE Michigan



Acceleration 27th
Autocross 14th
Cost 29th
Design 59th
Endurance 7th
Efficiency 33rd
Skid-Pad 27th
Presentation 27th
Overall 14th