Testing and Driving

  • Testing Days

    • Once manufacturing is completed with the new car, then it goes into the testing phase. Ideally, this begins just after Spring Break in late March. The more testing time the better. During testing days we work to improve performance, implement new tech features such as auto-shifting, launch control, and verify designs with various sensors and gauges. Occasionally components will break during testing, verifying that we need to go back to the drawing board.
      • Testing Locations: When water levels cooperate we test at the Tuttle Creek Spillway, the largest concrete pad we have access to. Other test sites include campus parking lots, SCCA events, and so on.
  • Drive Time is Key

    • Another key aspect of finishing the car well before the Michigan competition in May is to maximize time for driver training. Competing in a racecar at a high level is a challenge, and to hone the skills of driving takes a lot seat time. During the testing phase, we complete mock endurance runs, skid-pad laps, and acceleration runs to make sure our drivers are as confident as possible leading into the competitions.
  • How to be a Driver

    • To be a driver you must first be a dedicated team member and/or leader, if you are looking to join the team and have previous race experience from Micro Sprints, Go-Karts, SCCA, etc, let us know and we can have a conversation! We have drive days each semester, and for those deserving of the opportunity, you will have your shot to challenge the current drivers! Additional practice and driver training is done throughout the year using an online racing simulation, iRacing, which is a great way to develop your racing skills. To properly get into it you need a solid gaming PC and a set of steering wheel and pedals. Check out their website here: iRacing

ocelot testing and devin

testing ocelot

dan in the distance

skidpad testing

spillway testing

Testing under the tent