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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for the Reduction of Post-Harvest Loss

Project Countries

As of 2022, the Post-Harvest Loss Innovation operates in three "core" countries, where programs have been active since 2014. These are Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Ghana. In addition, PHLIL has previously led core and Buy-in projects in Afghanistan, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nepal. PHLIL is also a subawardee on an active USDA Food for Education project in Malawi. 

Project Team Leaders

Dr. Monjural Alam, Bangladesh Project Team Leader
Bangladesh Agriculture University, mmalam.bau@gmail.com

Dr. Jonathan Ulmer, Ethiopia Project Team Leader
Kansas State University, sbhadrir@ksu.edu

Dr. George Opit, Ghana Project Team Leader
Oklahoma State University, George.opit@okstate.edu

Dr. Carlos Campabadal, Guatemala Project Team Leader
Kansas State University, campa@ksu.edu

Dr. Andreia Bianchini-Huebner, Honduras Project Team Leader
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, abianchini2@unl.edu

Dr. Jagger Harvey, Nepal and Malawi Project Team Leader
Kansas State University, jjharvey@ksu.edu

Additionally, we have a team of In-Country Leaders that oversee the project progress and manage day to day activity of the scientists, technicians, industry partners, and advisory team within each country.