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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for the Reduction of Post-Harvest Loss

Project Countries

The initial countries chosen for projects are Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Guatemala. All four are Feed the Future (FtF) countries. Three of the four are "deep dive" countries, in three of the agricultural systems FtF has prioritized for sustainable intensification:

  • Ghana in Sudano-Sahelian West Africa,
  • Ethiopia in the Ethiopian Highlands,
  • Guatemala in the Western Highlands, and
  • Bangladesh in the South Asia Indo-Gangetic Plains.

We chose these three countries as FtF/USAID is investing resources into these countries and post-harvest loss (PHL) improvements could thus have potentially greater impact and be synergistic with existing efforts aimed at reducing global hunger and improving nutrition. Guatemala was chosen because it has the highest national level of chronic malnutrition (49.8 %) in the Western Hemisphere and is one of the top four malnourished countries in the world.

A key cause of PHL is fungal contamination of grains (especially from mycotoxin-producing fungi in maize), which affects both nutrition and health. Reducing this contamination could significantly help improve nutrition in this and in many FtF countries (including Ghana, where the Peanut CRSP has conducted considerable work on aflatoxin management to improve human health with relevance to maize). Afghanistan is an addition to the list of focus countries with its primary objective to asses mycotoxin activity in walnuts, raisins, and wheat flour; limited to one year project life.

Project Team Leaders

Dr. Monjural Alam, Bangladesh Project Team Leader
Bangladesh Agriculture University, mmalam.bau@gmail.com

Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam, Ethiopia Project Team Leader
Kansas State University, sbhadrir@ksu.edu

Dr. George Opit, Ghana Project Team Leader
Oklahoma State University, George.opit@okstate.edu

Dr. Carlos Campabadal, Guatemala Project Team Leader
Kansas State University, campa@ksu.edu

Dr. Andreia Bianchini-Huebner, Honduras Project Team Leader
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, abianchini2@unl.edu

Dr. Jagger Harvey, Nepal Project Team Leader
Kansas State University, jjharvey@ksu.edu

Dr. Cheryl O'Brien, Gender Consultant
San Diego State University, cobrien@mail.sdsu.edu

Additionally, we have a team of In-Country Leaders that oversee the project progress and manage day to day activity of the scientists, technicians, industry partners, and advisory team within each county. Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Guatemala have identified In-country Gender Consultant that collaborates and communicates with our Chief Gender Consultant - Dr. Cheryl O'Brien.